Becky G shows off her romantic Hawaii vacation

Singer Becky G showed part of his holidays and took the opportunity to show off his enviable relationship with his beau Sebastian lletget.

Very happy and next to her boyfriend, the Los Angeles Galaxy player, the singer enjoyed a well-deserved vacation on the beaches of Miami.

The famous, with Mexican roots, shared some photographs of both in Hawaii, where they show off their athletic bodies in attractive swimsuits, while starring in a tender kiss in front of the immense sea and a beautiful blue sky.

Becky G shows off a great body

Through her social networks the singer shared photos of her vacation in Miami The couple met for 4 years and since then they have not separated

The singer Becky G posed in a tiny bikini and I boast an incredible body, but she also shared tender photos where Sebastian Lletget is seen on a sailboat.

Both enjoyed a trip at sea and a beautiful rainbow to frame the beautiful postcard of the couple, who have been together for 4 years.

Recall that Becky G and Sebastian met in 2016, when the actress was filming the movie ‘Power Rangers’ and her co-star, Naomi Scott, introduced her to the footballer, who turned out to be a good friend of Naomi’s husband, he too player Jordan Spence.

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget

The couple knew each other for 4 years and since then they have not separated

The romance between singer Becky G and footballer Sebastian Lletget was love at first sight, since they have not separated since.

The couple is seen at the events to which they are invited, stealing glances by being one of the most attractive and stable couples in the show.

However, the happy couple have also had a difficult time; the most recent was last August when Sebastian’s sister, Vivi, passed away.

Vivi left a great sadness in both, because Becky and Vivi were very close, as she let it be seen in her farewell post.

With these photos Becky G shows his followers the beautiful relationship he shares with Sebastian lletget, who looks very in love with the singer.

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