Before and after: This is what Cazzu looked like in her beginnings as a trapera

very different from the Cazzu that we know today, the young woman originally from Argentina looked very different in her beginnings as a singer of the trap genre, standing out of course for her colorful costumes and eccentric personal.

Currently the girlfriend of Christian Nodal stands out as a famous rapper from Argentina, who has tried her luck in various territories of South America and of course continues to dominate the popularity charts.

The young woman who recently spoke about the reasons that led her to fall in love with the singer, at the time was also romantically related to figures such as Bad Bunny and various well-known singers from her country.

This is how Nodal’s girlfriend looked in the beginning

This is how Nodal’s girlfriend looked in the beginning. Who is Cazzu?

The young man began his career when he was 17 years old and since then he has managed to consolidate himself at the top with great international successes.

Juliet Emily He ventured into singing thanks to his father and since then he knew that with his voice he could touch the most sensitive fibers of the fans and therefore he had to dedicate his whole life to singing on stage.

Before launching as an interpreter of the trap genre, the singer tried to venture into cumbia and some rock bands: “Before cumbia I had tried rock, but I found cumbia more professional. For my family it was not a source of pride” he commented in an interview.

At just 17 years old, the young woman released her first album entitled “Maldades”, her fame came from her musical collaboration with Khea and Duki entitled “Loca (Remix)”.

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Who is Cazu?

Who is Cazu?

Although in our country the young woman is mostly known for being the current sentimental partner of Christian Nodalin Argentina, her nation of origin, is a renowned rap performer who has had collaborations with great artists in the entertainment industry.

Born on December 16, 1993, Juliet Emilia Cazzuchellibetter known as Cazzu, is a rapper, model, influencer, and music producer originally from Argentina who is currently 28 years old.

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