Belgian Malinois NY state police dog Norbi was stabbed during a manhunt in Troy, New York

Norbi, a New York state police dog, recovers after being stabbed 12 times during the pursuit of a robbery suspect

In a gripping confrontation in upstate New York, a police canine known as “Norbi” went through a traumatic event while aiding in capturing a robbery suspect. The sturdy Belgian Malinois bore the brunt of 12 stab wounds throughout the chase. However, police officials have confirmed that a full recovery is on the horizon for brave Norbi.

As the Times Union revealed, the robbery pursuit commenced in the early hours in Troy, New York. Norbi, in collaboration with his handler, engaged in the crucial process of reeling in the suspect.

The suspect, hiding in a forested region, launched a brutal assault on Norbi with a knife. Despite this, the valiant police dog clamped his jaws on the suspect’s legs before the attack.

Medical Intervention for NYPD Belgian Malinois Dog

Post-incident, Norbi was rapidly moved to a veterinary clinic for critical medical treatment. The Belgian Malinois, true to his breed’s reputation for resilience, took everyone by surprise as he was able to stride out of the medical facility later that day, accompanied by his devoted officer.

An uplifting update was posted on Facebook by the Troy Police Department, reaffirming that Norbi’s full recovery was anticipated.

Following a period of recovery and therapy, Norbi is set to have the chance to return to his vital role on active duty.


It’s crucial to note that the robbery suspect was ultimately detained by the law enforcement officers engaged in the pursuit.

Following the melee, the suspect was delivered to a local hospital for treatment for the dog-inflicted injuries.

In subsequent court proceedings, the suspect pleaded not guilty to several charges, including felony robbery and a misdemeanor for injuring a police animal. He was then incarcerated without the option of bail.

On a side note, another police officer involved in the arrest operation regrettably sustained a foot fracture during the process.

The Troy Police Department’s assertion of Norbi’s imminent recovery inspires hope and exudes optimism. It underscores the admirable resilience and gallantry of these extraordinary K-9 officers, as reported by the AP.