Belinda admits how she feels with a broken heart: “You can feel pain in your soul, in your chest and in the body”

Belinda spoke with Vanity Teen magazine and although he did not mention Christian Nodal’s name in all its letters, he did refer to how she lives when she has a broken heart and also assured that falling in love again is something that is not in her plans or present, less future.

When reading the interview, or listening to her words, many agree that the young interpreter is the owner of great physical beauty, that without a doubt, and although he is as successful in music as in acting and as well as in other projects or business jobs that she has done, love is something that really escapes her and that has recently made her very unhappy.

About the pain that goes through her when her heart is broken, she has said: “You can feel pain in your soul, in your chest and in the body.” Belinda is one of those who suffers with all her being, since she assures that she experiences a pain that goes beyond the emotional, since it crosses the physical.

After this, we know that Belinda went from Netflix, it seems, to have her letters read. There they told him that this is a time to be reborn. She came out of a burning tower and this scared her, but the message is that she shouldn’t run from change. And it seems that life is passing Belinda through the fire, to make her rise from the ashes.

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