Belinda and Gonzalo Hevia Bailléres relationship rumors stir after Chihuahua sighting

Spotted together at a Mexican concert, the alleged love affair between Belinda and Gonzalo Hevia Bailléres fuels speculation.

After in February 2022, both Christian Nodal and Belinda formally announced through social networks that their engagement and marriage had ended, a little more than a year after this controversial breakup. Everything indicates that the interpreter of “Sapito” is in love again.

It has been rumored that Belinda and businessman Gonzalo Hevia Bailléresmay have formalized their romance after they were spotted in a northern state of Mexico where the singer offered a concert.

Are they dating?

Rumors about the arrival of a new love in Belinda‘s life began in September 2022. Although there is little information about this relationship, it is known that the singer and the young businessman have been together for some months.

There have been several videos that have circulated on social networks where they are seen together. However, on several occasions, the singer made it clear that she was single, denying the possibility of having a relationship with Hevia Bailléres.

Although she denied being with the young businessman several times, several media outlets claim that the relationship is already formal after they saw Gonzalo Hevia Bailléres boarding a plane bound for Chihuahua, the state where Belinda appeared.

However, the businessman did not travel alone. Still, he was accompanied by his mother-in-law, Mrs. Belinda Schull, and this would prove that Gonzálo and Christian Nodal’s ex-girlfriend are already in a formal relationship.

Photo: IG @Daniel Molina
Photo: IG @Daniel Molina

It should be noted that, so far, neither Belinda nor the businessman had confirmed or denied anything about the alleged formalization of their courtship. However, both follow each other on social networks.

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Who is Gonzalo Hevia Bailléres?

Belinda‘s alleged new boyfriend, Gonzalo Hevia Baillères, is a young Mexican businessman from one of our country’s wealthiest families.

Beli’s alleged new boyfriend is the grandson of Tere and Alberto Baillères, who own all the Palacio de Hierro stores.

Alberto Baillères González, who passed away on February 2, 2023, was president of Grupo Bal, which includes among its businesses some in the commerce, mining, metallurgy, insurance, and finance sectors.