Belinda enjoys her single life posing in a red swimsuit that highlighted her spectacular silhouette

Belinda She returned to Mexico very well accompanied by her entire family who took care to prevent the press from approaching her, but where she definitely showed that she is enjoying her single life was through social networks, where again shared a photograph in which she showed off a great body in a sensual swimsuit that highlighted her beauty.

Guarded by various security elements, Belinda arrived in Monterrey, Nuevo León, for her appointment at the Machaca Fest, which will be held at Fundidora Park this Saturday, June 25, but before arriving in Mexico, she did not hesitate to show off her stylized figure, with which he showed that he is in one of his best moments and enjoying his singleness to the fullest.

And it is that, despite the scandals that she has had to face after her sentimental breakup with Christian Nodal, the interpreter of “Love at first sight” She fell in love again with her millions of fans who admire her through her official Instagram accountwhere he showed off during his visit to a complex of luxurious villas located in Las Palmas, Spain.

On this occasion it was a photograph published only in the stories of said social profile, where the 32-year-old artist posed by the pool while wearing a sexy red trikini that exposed her statuesque silhouette.

In a short time, the image was taken up by other fan profiles, who agreed that she looks like a true goddess of beauty.

But apparently this type of swimsuit has become the favorite of the also actress, who last May surprised posing in the middle of the beach with a similar model, but in black, a garment that also made her look spectacular.

In the series of postcards that she shared within her official social networks, Belinda shone while walking among the waves of the sea.

But if it is about showing off a shapely silhouette, Belinda knows how to steal all eyes Well, she has also been seen wearing a tiny blue bikini that has exposed her abdomen of steel while posing on the seashore.

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