Belinda furious, attacks a waiter as Alfredo Adame

Singer Belinda has given what to talk about in social networks after the break with Christian Nodal, but what did the famous recently do? On AmericanPost.Newss we share the details with you, and it is that they assure that the interpreter attacked a waiter.

We remember that since the famous and Nodal announced the end of their love story after getting engaged in May 2021, the singers have caused quite a stir, but they have revealed that the artist assaulted a waiter from a Polanco taqueria.

Previously we shared with you that the former Nodal broke the silence and expressed that it hurts a lot, because after announcing the break they deleted all the photos they had shared on Instagram, even the interpreter of “We are no longer, nor will we be” only left a publication on your profile.

Did Belinda follow in the footsteps of Alfredo Adame?

Alfredo Adame and Beli have caused a furor on Nodal social networks and the singer ended their romance on February 12

They have speculated that the interpreter of “Lies” went over to a waiter. They assure that what happened arose because one of the restaurant workers tried to take a photo of her at her table, but the artist noticed her and she went on top of her with the aim of taking her cell phone and erasing the photos of her

It is worth mentioning that what happened has left Internet users intrigued, since Beli and Nodal have sent hints on social networks and in one of their publications the singer said: “I came to Earth as a missionary of love; which is the true meaning of Magela And today I wake up without regret”.

How long did Belinda last with Nodal?

Nodal and the singer ended their romance on February 12

The famous and the artist began their romance in August 2020, but they ended their love story before February 14, 2022, they only lasted one year and five months. So far, neither of them has commented on what the causes of the love break were.

Meanwhile, the singer Belinda has not shared with her fans what her new projects will be, although the last publication she shared on her Instagram profile was from the “Welcome to Eden” series, a project that will arrive on Netflix next March of this year. .

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