Belinda gives the best Christmas gift to children with cancer

Belinda is one of the talented singers in Mexico, who recently he has conquered with his good heart and it is that it brought Christmas forward to dozens of children with cancer.

It turns out that the beautiful singer asked children with cancer not to lose faith, as well as “giving him all the desire” to continue fighting the disease and also gave them several packages with chemotherapies.

On this occasion the fiancée of the famous singer Christian Nodal went to one of the hospitals in Mexico City, where she was received with “Belinda, Belinda” batons.

Belinda supports children with cancer

Belinda gives gifts to children with cancer The singer will continue to support children

It was highlighted that in the place the beautiful Belinda gave gifts and treatments that will last each little one at least two months, she also expressed that the delivery this Monday was the first and that in the next few days more children will benefit.

As if that were not enough, the actress also lived with the families of the minors and offered a motivating speech for those present: “To everyone who is in treatment I want to ask you please never lose faith, because faith moves mountains … ”.

“I know that together, with the help of his family, we will succeed because nothing is impossible.”

The singer will continue to support children

The singer will continue to support children

In her speech, the singer also expressed: “They really have to promise me that they are going to give it their all and that next year I will return and everyone will be better, everyone will get ahead and they will all be very, very happy”.

“I promise to come next year, but you have to promise me that you are going to give it all your will, all of it.”

While Belinda delivered packages with chemotherapy treatments to those who need them due to the country’s shortage of drugs, one of her companions assured a girl: “This is going to last you two months.”

The interpreter of “Egoísta” assured one of the little ones that later he will make other deliveries to ensure their well-being, “it’s a deal. When this one runs out we’ll give you another one.”

It should be noted that the successful singer Belinda gave other gifts to the children such as stuffed animals, blankets, clothes, hugs and photographs that the children asked for, where bonds of friendship were forged.

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