Belinda has a great scare on a private plane due to turbulence


Photo: Patrick KOVARIAK/AFP/Getty Images

Belinda got a big scare while traveling on a private plane in the company of other people. While the plane was flying, the turbulence was present and part of the moment was recorded and published by the artist on her TikTok account.

At first, the singer is seen with a nervous face and after a great turbulence the screams were present while she was holding on where she could. At that moment, she also took a glass that she had on a table and began to drink from there and she, along with another woman present, intertwined her arms to drink from her glasses at that moment. “I thought we weren’t going to tell her,” Belinda shouted with great emotion at the end of the video.

Belinda turned 33 this August 15, so this turbulent journey could be part of what she experienced during this special day for her.

In the stories of her Instagram account, she shared images from an airport accompanied by classic Disney characters, where she celebrated her birthday. So far the singer and actress has not shared photos on her feed on that social network about her birthday.

In those shared stories, he also thanked his fans for the love and support they have always given him at every moment of his life. “They are my engine, my desire, my hope, my faith,” the interpreter told her followers, who sent her many congratulatory messages on her birthday.

Those beautiful messages of thanks were recorded while on board the private plane that gave him the turbulence that he shared with his followers through his Tiktok account, where he has more than 4.3 million followers.

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