Belinda hints at Christian Nodal at his concert in Guadalajara

Belinda I carry the ‘Freedom: Dance it Tour!‘ to the 2022 edition of the October Festivities of Guadalajara, Jalisco. Before more than 14 thousand people gathered at the Benito Juárez Auditorium, the singer performed her greatest musical hits.

“How beautiful to be on this stage, it’s like a dream, you don’t know how much I missed you. The Guadalajara audience is precious,” he said.The Princess of Latin Pop‘, a nickname he has received from his loyal fans, who call themselves ‘Belifans’.

More than 14 thousand people sang the musical successes of the actress and singer. Her love was so intense that they were considered the couple of the year in 2020.

The show was held to great acclaim and featured Motel as well as helping a fan with her baby’s gender reveal. One detail that caught our attention is that performed the song ‘Cabrón’ live for the first timewhich they say could be dedicated to Christian Nodal.

Belinda sends a tremendous hint to Nodal

A detail that drew attention in what the interpreter of ‘El Sapito’ seems to have commanded a clear hint to Christian Nodal, who until February of this year was her boyfriend and even made plans to get to the altar. The moment was recorded on video and soon went viral, which divided opinions among users of social networks.

“Santa Belinda de los amores, patron saint of buggers, queen of moorings and of the ‘enchanted toad’; I ask you to perform a miracle for me so that they also bugger with me and have my name tattooed… Amen,” says the prayer that Belinda projected during his concert.

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How long did Christian Nodal and Belinda last as boyfriends?

Their love was so intense that they were considered the couple of the year in 2020.

Belinda and Christian Nodal’s romance lasted about a year and a half. As American Post News previously mentioned, the couple confirmed their romance in early August 2020 but it came to an end in February 2022, despite the fact that both had already announced their engagement and were close to getting married.

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