Belinda, together with Peso Pluma, surprised everyone: new collaboration?

Belinda's potential fusion with Peso Pluma sparks mixed reactions while she plans a rejuvenating hiatus to reconnect with family.

Belinda is “won, as always.” The Mexican singer could soon release a new musical collaboration with one of the world’s most famous and streamed artists and also from Mexico: Peso Pluma.

The actress also spoke about it and confessed what she thinks of the singer of corridos tumbados, confirming that she maintains active communication with him. It is one of the biggest surprises for her fans, those of Peso Pluma and lovers of Spanish-language music, since nobody expected that something like this could come, especially because she considers herself -and her discography backs it up a pop star.

A correspondent of the Televisa morning show hosted by Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, Hoy, asked the Spaniard if she would be willing not only to talk about it at a table but to make it a reality, shockingly more than one with her unexpected answer because some of them could not imagine how some of her hits such as En La Obscuridad, Luz Sin Gravedad or El baile del Sapito corridos tumbados version could sound.

“I would love it!”: Belinda proposes to Peso Pluma to release a song.

The singer was the one who confirmed that they are already in talks. 
The singer was the one who confirmed that they were already in talks (Instagram/@belindapop).

The star of children’s soap operas on Televisa such as Amigos X Siempre, Aventuras en el Tiempo, and Cómplices al Rescate talked about it in the interview: “I would love to! I’m in contact with him, he’s a super artist, and of course, I hope something happens very soon”, the pop singer expressed with great enthusiasm.

Although she did not want to give more details about the kind of things they talked about privately, as the plans of the musical collaboration or the uncertainty about whether she will sing corridos tumbados, her genre -pop- or both will be mixed, her fans have expressed all kinds of comments on social networks about the news.

Belinda is winning, or not, as always with this collaboration.” “I agree that he is handsome, mega-successful at the moment, and so on, but I think it does not go for corridos tumbados, especially for his tone of voice, aesthetics, and other elements that make her the Mexican popstar who gives the face for the genre internationally.” “I don’t see that it’s something she can’t do because when she is criticized for wanting to sing regional Mexican, she turns out to be much more than good, and the backing is her cover of Cielo Rojo, but if alarm that corridos tumbados are usually very warlike and in that sense she would have to take care not fall into the motivation of the narco,” reacted fans.

The singer has not spoken about the musical collaboration with Belinda. 
(Instagram: @pesopluma)
The singer has not discussed the musical collaboration with Belinda (Instagram: @pesopluma).

Why Belinda will leave Mexico in the next few days.

About it, the also-named Princess of Latin Pop warned that her work schedule would take her to unknown lands, which has her more than excited: “I want to sing in Los Angeles. I’m going to Thailand because I am the ambassador of a very important brand plus I will be there for a few days to see the elephants and be in contact with nature and I’m very excited to sing in a place like that is so far away”.

She is also ready to leave the stage temporarily: “I’m going to Spain. I’m going to rest because I have not stopped and I’ve been running all the time, doing concerts from one place to another, so I’m going to take a little break for a while, a few days. I want to be with my family in Spain. I haven’t seen them for a long time, and I want to be at my grandmother’s house, which is an important moment for me and helps me to find myself again,” she concluded.

Pop star to take a break after tough concert schedule 
(Instagram: @nodal)
The pop star will take a break after a tough concert schedule (Instagram: @nodal).