Belinda received an expensive gift at Christmas, who gave it to her?

The fBelinda’s mistress is bigger than Christian Nodal’s In terms of number of followers, that is why the brands have taken the singer into account to promote their articles and products in their Instagram stories, which is why, as a gift, they received a Prada brand bag that the same company I send him.

Clearly this publication that lasts only 24 hours had millions of views, taking into account that the interpreter of ‘Sapito’ has more than 14 million followers in said social network.

In addition to being a singer and actress, Beli spoke of her experience as a producer, since in the last musical success that Nodal released, she was in charge of directing the music video and her work paid off.

Belinda received a Prada brand bag

The brand sent an expensive bag to Belinda She is an internationally known singer

The Christmas season benefited the beautiful singer since many brands sought her to show certain things on their social networks and many brand strategies to obtain publicity from artists, it is to give gifts to the influencers and that was what Prada did.

The gift you received ‘Beli’, it was a Cleo bag with applications in metal color, which is valued at 68 thousand 46 pesos and at the moment, it is sold out in some online stores of the brand.

It also has a magnetic closure and an adjustable strap; the crystals are of different sizes and the piece shines thanks to the flashes of light.

Social networks are very aware of the Instagram of the also actress since after in AmericanPost.News let us know that Beli gave toys, clothes and chemotherapy to children with cancer, her followers expect more acts like this.

What does Belinda sing?

She is an extremely well-known singer internationally

His genre is pop, but he has had many important changes in his record releases and although his first album focused on pop genres with a bit of pop rockp, he has dabbled in cumbia, for example.

Because of her dedication to music, Belinda has held the title of La Princepa del Pop Latino for 20 years, having hits with musical themes such as “Egoísta”.

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