Belinda shows off her flat and defined abdomen wearing a top in front of the mirror



Belinda He never stops showing off his sensual figure. This time the artist showed her flat and toned abdomen in a publication she made on her Tik Tok account, where she posed in front of the mirror wearing a tight pink top and black pants.

The video was recorded by another person, while the interpreter saw her reflection and moved her body from side to side slightly. This video of Belinda has already exceeded 99,800 likes and has more than 600 comments. In this very popular social network, the singer has more than 4.2 million followers.

On Instagram, meanwhile, Belinda has 15.4 million fans following her. In this social network, the interpreter of ‘Luz singravida’ constantly boasts of her sensuality. Just a few days ago, he also showed his flat abdomen with a very summery outfit. A few days ago, she seduced her millions of followers with some photographs in which she became a “bunny” by wearing a black mask with lace.

In these photographs, the singer wore a beige underwear outfit with some black details. This Belinda post exceeded 421,000 likes on Instagram.

Belinda, currently based in Mexico, was visiting Mexico a few days ago to participate in a music festival in which she suffered the consequences of the heat, so he had to sit down during his presentation and drink water.

“Yes, it is that in Monterrey it is very hot and when you are not used to such heat… you come from a different climate plus the adrenaline, plus the stress, plus the responsibility, the nerves, the flight, everything happened. But hey, nothing happens because I’m fine and those things happen, “he said later on the television program ‘Hoy’.

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