Belinda talks about her unique relationship with Babo from Cartel de Santa

The surprising bond between Belinda and Babo as they share laughs, creativity, and music in an exclusive Glamour Spain interview.

As part of the promotion of the second season of the series Welcome to Eden, Belinda was interviewed by Glamour Spain magazine, where she confessed to being great friends with Babo, lead singer of the Santa Cartel.

Belinda, 33 years old, wanted to do something different, so she proposed to record a short video in which she talked about some of her experiences in photo shoots.

To do so, Belinda focused on her Instagram account, where just over 16 million people followed her.

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Belinda (Glamour Spain / YouTube)

Belinda brags about private messages sent to her by Babo from Cartel de Santa

After revealing the behind a couple of photos, Belinda went straight to her inbox to brag about private messages sent to her by 46-year-old rapper Babo, Cartel de Santa’s leader.

“I’m finding a conversation with Babo, who I hope doesn’t kill me,” said the also singer and actress to later explain who he is.

“Babo is a very cool Mexican rapper. You have to listen to his music because I love it. He is always sending me ideas, he is very creative, working in the studio all night, and he sent me this song”, and then he plays a funny video.

Belinda not only laughs at Babo’s witticisms but also imitates him and raps a little bit to assure later that it’s all about “creative conversations, music, crazy people” and nothing romantic.

Babo from Cartel de Santa is a known fan of Belinda.

Three years ago, Belinda jumped on the bandwagon of 41-year-old Escorpión Dorado, to whom she set Cartel de Santa’s “Todas Mueren Por Mí” to music for the ride.

Since then, belifans understood that their favorite was a friend of the rapper, and of course, they accepted it, so he did not take long to flatter the also actress through social networks.

Through his Instagram account, Eduardo Dávalos de Luna, artistically known as Babo, wrote: “Belinda, next to my darkness, your brightness is more intense.” Immediately, the belifans fell at his feet.

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Babo from Cartel de Santa and Belinda (Special)
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Babo from Cartel de Santa sends messages to Belinda (@babo_cartel)