Belinda vs. Nodal: these are all the references that fans found in ‘Cactus’

The Spanish pop star included several elements in her new music video and promotions as hints to her ex-fiancé, Christian Nodal.

Belinda finally released ‘Cactus,’ a song that marked her return to the music industry and revived her breakup with Christian Nodal. It is nothing more and nothing less than a song of heartbreak that hides several references to the regional Mexican singer with whom she was about to walk down the aisle.

This whole situation caused a sensation in social networks because until a few hours ago, Belinda’s version of her breakup was unknown. For this reason, several fans of the singer resorted to social networks to expose the hints and references they found in the official video clip.

Belinda’s Hints to Christian Nodal in Cactus

Release day

Belinda premiered her song on January 31, 2024, and, according to some netizens, she chose this day for three reasons.

  • 3 + 1 = 4: It is believed to be the day or month when Belinda and Nodal became sweethearts, as they tattooed that number on their hands and used it as the name for a puppy he gave her.
  • Christian Nodal’s birthday: it is said that the pop star premiered her new song in January because it is the same month her ex-fiancé celebrates one more year of life (January 11).
(Twitter: @flawlessbeli)
(Twitter: @flawlessbeli)


Belinda chose this name for her new song because it has a great meaning for Christian Nodal. Cacti are one of the most representative plants of Mexico and are usually found in the Sonoran desert. Christian Nodal is a native of that state.

They are one of the Mexican performers’ favorite plants, as he has a tattoo on his back and used several figures in his tour ‘Foraji2′. In addition, Belinda hid behind these plants when she went on stage to accompany her ex-boyfriend.

(Twitter: @flawlessbeli)
(Twitter: @flawlessbeli)


What undoubtedly caught the attention when Belinda announced her new song is that she included a picture of the look that Christian Nodal tattooed in her honor when they were a couple. The Spanish singer used the image to promote the song and included it on the car awning she used in her ‘Catus’ music video.

The pop star also included her look on promotional posters for her song, which followed a bandit search concept. It is worth mentioning that Nodal also uses this type of material to advertise his concerts or reference his favorite cartoon: One Piece.

(Twitter: @flawlessbeli)
(Twitter: @flawlessbeli)

Christian Nodal’s tattoos

In addition to Belinda’s already well-known look, the Mexican artist has several tattoos all over his body. The singer had selected some of them to elaborate a promotional card for ‘Cactus.’

“In this cactus card published by Spotify for the promo, we can notice that several of the elements represent some of Nodal’s tattoos, for example, sparrows and a sun,” a Twitter user indicated.

(Twitter: @flawlessbeli)
(Twitter: @flawlessbeli)


As for the music video, Belinda chose an actor similar to Christian Nodal and included a goat about her ex-fiancé’s zodiac sign (Capricorn) and the skull he used to place on his microphone in every performance.


The singer also included a car of the same model Nodal used in ‘Ya no somos ni seremos,’ a song she supposedly released in his honor.

Wedding Dress

Belinda dressed as a bride because she was engaged to Nodal. Minutes later, she transforms into La Llorona for her breakup.