Belinda was jealous of Brenda Zambrano for being friends with Christian Nodal

The Casa de Los Famosos has already brought up several controversial issues regarding their private lives, because while the members were eating, among them 28-year-old Brenda Zambrano, she confessed to her colleagues that in the past Christian Nodal followed her on networks social, but later blocked it.

And it is that for Brenda Zambrano the reason why Christian Nodal blocked it, it was because the same Belinda She could have been jealous, so she preferred not to talk to the Mexican singer anymore, but she made it clear that there was never any type of flirtation between the two.

As if that were not enough, the former member of Acapulco Shore told her colleagues that she was always a fan of Anuel AA, they even had the opportunity to speak many times through the networks, but she also stressed that she never hinted at anything for any of the two parts, but the singer also blocked her, she even confessed that Karol G followed her in the past, but she stopped doing it.

Although there is still time for several members to talk about certain controversial issues that have been stalking them for a long time, for the moment they try to get along in the best way and get to know each other even more, because the real challenges have not yet begun, as if that were not enough, the nominations also They will give a lot to talk about.

Let us remember that Brenda Zambrano is one of the favorites to win, because in the past she has been on many reality shows where she has always been talked about fighting with the other members of the project, that is why for many she could be one of the most polemics.

“Brenda is a girl who knows a lot about the environment, in fact most of the ACASHORE live together in pedas of the artisteada”, “Brenda if she says it is the truth! She can be anything but a liar”, “Cristian Nodal does not follow Brenda for Get with Belinda”, “Certainly so many things you can say about a person, they choose to talk about their weight or physique”, write the networks about the talk that Brenda had in the kitchen where more than one was shocked by what she said.

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