Belinda’s New Single “Cactus” Referencing Nodal Would Be More Than Shakira Did About Pique

Belinda's new single "Cactus" and its speculated relation to breakup with Christian Nodal spark anticipation for her musical comeback.

Belinda is set to release her new single “Cactus” on January 31st, her first new music in over 10 years. The song’s lyrics and imagery have sparked speculation that it may be about her recent breakup with Mexican singer Christian Nodal.

After signing with Warner Bros., Belinda revealed her new album would be dedicated to “some of her ex-lovers.” Like Shakira’s recent music, Belinda may channel her breakup into a “trilogy of heartbreak.” She has adopted the new stage name “Beli-k” as part of her musical rebirth.

“Cactus” Lyrics Hint at Nodal Breakup

Imagery like tattoos and the color green remind fans of Nodal. Leaked lyrics reference the tattoo Belinda got of Nodal’s eyes: “What’s the use of tattooing my eyes, but then erasing them with others…” Other lyrics touch on the pain of heartbreak: “In the end, there is no good without evil, and the pain will pass.

Also interesting:

Some believe the song may be about Belinda’s musical rebirth. Using words like “reborn, grows, blooms” in the song’s promotion are clear references. The true meaning remains ambiguous until the full song is released.

While more details about “Cactus” will be revealed when it releases on the 31st, the lyrics and marketing have sparked discussion about Christian Nodal. Fans eagerly await Belinda’s first new music in over a decade to see if she will directly address her recent breakup heartache through song.