Bella de la Vega assured that Juan Antonio Edwards was “dishonest”: “I wanted something temporary with me”

Bella de la Vega with Juan Antonio Edwards. The actor has 60 years of experience (Photo: Instagram / @ Actressbelladelavega)

In the midst of the controversy that arose after the contradictions between the testimonies of Bella de la Vega and Juan Antonio Edwards About an alleged romance, the actress released her version of events and assured that the director was dishonest by not telling her the true intentions he had with her.

The actor’s widow Jose Angel Garcia went to Come the joy in order to clarify the controversy that exists around the relationship he had with the actor of Colorina, situation that she herself uncovered a few days ago. Bella de la Vega confessed that she considered the way in which Edwards expressed himself about her in the situation incorrect.

The one who misinterpreted was him because he wanted something temporary with me or just a bed, I don’t know what I wanted, really, but it looked very bad because after He said that I misinterpreted when he allowed me to misinterpret”He declared.

It all started when Bella de la Vega confirmed her relationship with the well-known actor in an interview she gave for the magazine TVNotes. On that occasion, the actress explained that she is still recovering from the unfortunate loss of her husband José Ángel García, but she was already opening up to love with Juan Antonio Edwards.

The statements caught the 65-year-old actor by surprise, who soon denied everything and assured that the alleged romance was part of a misunderstanding on the part of the former participant of Survivor Mexico. However, Bella de la Vega agreed that it was a confusion because she did intend to formalize a relationship.

What he had to do is deny the relationship, which did exist because he grabbed my back, he grabbed my … where the back loses its name, my buttocks and there he started wanting to be loving and wanting to be intimate, ”he commented on the morning of TV Azteca.

Bella de la Vega
Bella met Juan Antonio some time ago, when her late husband introduced them Photo: Instagram

The model of Onlyfans She recalled that her approach with the actor occurred from a social network, when Juan Antonio would have contacted her to make work proposals, among which she highlighted an impulse to venture into the field of production, an activity that she wants to carry out Pretty.

He came into my life in a dishonest way because he has a girlfriend, wife, lover, or something like that, where he lives, he lives in Cuernavaca. He came to me telling me that he wanted to be my friend or something else, that if we wanted to do something together [trabajo]”He added.

The job opportunity was the main reason they made contact, a situation that gradually became more intimate according to the actress: “As he began to tell me things that might interest me from him so that I would fall down and talk to him and trust him“, said.

Bella de la Vega
Photo: Instagram / @ belladelavegaoficial

Bella de la Vega recalled that there was even an occasion when Antonio Edwards stayed at her house: “It was like a romantic plan, he invited me to dinner, he gave me kisses and I said: ‘Well, this one wants to be my boyfriend, what else can I think of?´ ”, he continued.

In the end, she commented that she felt sorry and cheated because she had a completely different idea than the Mexican director. He explained that he was disappointed, but the experience gave him the opportunity to “open his eyes.”

I was encouraged and excited because he told me very nice ideas […] I realized that I am very trusting and that, by trusting people simply and simply end up letting you down, not everyone is like my husband José Ángel“, said.


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