Beloved wrestler Latin Lover reveals hospitalization and spinal surgery, solicits fan prayers for recovery

Facing health hurdles, the famed wrestler appeals for well-wishes amidst his recovery journey, showing the hidden realities of celebrity life.

Víctor Manuel Reséndez Ruiz, who is better known in the world of wrestling and show business as Latin Lover, caused great concern among his fans during the last hours because he published a photograph in his social networks in which he was seen from a hospital bed and made known that he had surgery on his spine. Although it is not the first one performed, the model and collaborator of “Hoy” also confessed that “he was afraid.”

Through his official Instagram profile, Latin Lover made known that he had undergone spinal surgery on the morning of Monday, May 23. Although, fortunately, everything went well, the wrestler said he felt afraid, so it is believed that there were complications during the operation. However, he did not offer details about it and only said that he would undergo a new cervical surgery very soon, so he asked for prayers and good vibes for everything to go well.

“We are used to uploading on social networks only beautiful things as if everything is perfect, and the reality is that it is not. The only perfect thing is God. Today I had spinal surgery in the morning, and although I have had several throughout my life, I confess that I was afraid. Thank God I came out well but I still have another cervical surgery. I ask you to send me good vibes and, if you can, a prayer. See you soon, God willing,” was the actor’s text on Instagram.

As expected, Latin Lover’s publication caused great concern among his fans, who poured in with messages of support. In addition, in the comments box, you could also read texts written by other celebrities who wished him a speedy recovery and excellent vibes as Mariazel, Tania Rincon, Paul Stanley, Maribel Guardia, David Zepeda, Pepe Gamez, Jose Ron, Liliana Arriaga “La Chupitos” and Michelle Vieth, to mention a few.

It is important to note that, throughout his life, Latin Lover has experienced several severe injuries in multiple parts of his body derived from his activity in wrestling, dancing, and gym, so, as he said, this type of situation is not new in his life, however, because time does not forgive, these injuries are increasingly complicated to overcome as the beloved judge of “Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy” is about to turn 56 years old.

Latin Lover has not offered any statement regarding his current medical situation. However, he is expected to keep his fans updated on his evolution and recovery and that as soon as he feels better, he can speak about his health.