Ben Affleck confessed that filming the “Justice League” was the “worst experience” of his career

Ben Affleck said that filming the “Justice League” was the “worst experience” of his career (Getty Images) (Franco Origlia /)

In a recent interview with Los Angeles Times, Ben affleck be sincere about the most difficult moments he experienced in his personal and work life. Among the moments he discussed was his 2017 announcement that he would no longer direct “The Batman,” the Matt Reeves-directed film that will mark the debut of Robert Pattinson like the superhero.

After the 49-year-old two-year Oscar winner explained that he had realized he wanted to focus on the career choices that make him happy, rather than trying to please others, he noted: “Directing Batman is a good example. I looked at it and thought, ‘I’m not going to be happy doing this.’ The person doing this should love it“.

“You are always supposed to want these things, and I probably would have loved to do it at 32 or something like that. But it was the point where I started to realize it wasn’t worth it. It is a wonderful benefit to reorient your priorities, ”he added.

Affleck went on to tell the newspaper that the “Justice League” of 2017, in which he reprized his role as Batman, was “The lowest point” of his career. While listing the reasons why it was a difficult shoot for him, the actor quoted the director Zack Snyder who left the movie after the death of his daughter Autumn in May of that year. Joss Whedon, who Affleck did not mention by name in the interview, replaced Snyder.

“Justice League really was the lowest point for me.”recalled Affleck, who will return to the role of Batman for the last time in “The Flash.”

That was a bad experience due to the confluence of things: my own life, my divorce, being too far away, and then Zack’s personal tragedy and the new filming. It was simply the worst experience. It was horrible”, Affleck said.

“That became the moment where I said, ‘I’m not going to do this anymore.’”He added.

Directed by Argentine Andy Muschietti, “The Flash” is shaping up to be one of the biggest film events of 2022. If there are no last changes, its premiere will take place on November 4.

Affleck told GQ magazine in March 2020 that he “really loved” playing the superhero in 2016’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but that the “Justice League” faced “one problem after another” and led to feeling exhausted by the character.

Speaking to The Herald Sun newspaper, Affleck confirmed that “The Flash” is the farewell to his performance as Batman: “It put a really nice ending to my experience with that character. I have never said this, but perhaps my favorite scenes in the interpretation of Batman that I have done are in the movie ‘The Flash’ “.

In July 2020, one of the stars of the “Justice League”, Ray fisher, alleged that Whedon had been abusive during the filming of the film, and the actor also claimed that producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg allowed Whedon’s alleged actions. Following an investigation, Warner Bros. announced in December 2020 that “action” had been taken, although the study did not provide further details. according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Last year, HBO Max released a four-hour director’s cut titled “Justice League” by Zack Snyder.

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