Ben Affleck wasn’t with Jennifer Lopez on her birthday

Ben Affleck wasn’t with Jennifer Lopez on her birthday

Ben Affleck was not with Jennifer Lopez on her birthday.

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Although they live together upstairs and downstairs, whether on a yacht, having dinner or caressing each other in front of everyone’s eyes, Ben Affleck doesn’t seem to have been with Jennifer Lopez on her birthday Instead, she spent the day with her three children: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, who she had with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

A few days ago they returned from Europe, where Ben affleck very removed from the pain touching the tail of Jennifer Lopez aboard a yacht as they celebrate the singer’s 52nd birthday. They were also with the daughter of Jennifer Lopez, Emme, who again received harsh criticism for her appearance while having dinner with her mother and Ben affleck. Even so, Jennifer Lopez was not yesterday with Ben Affleck when the actor turned 49.

TO Ben affleck He was seen walking through a Los Angeles neighborhood where he was apparently visiting some friends in the company of his three children. Just a day before, Ben affleck attended a rehab center in Malibu. He has been there on several occasions and still remains firm with his visits. Let us remember that in 2017 the actor had a strong relapse into alcohol and, after some photos were made public where he was seen his ex Jennifer Garner Bringing him downtown, Ben felt awful. This made him give a radical change.

In various interviews, Ben affleck He has said that this uncontrolled way of drinking was accentuated at a difficult moment in his marriage and obviously that ended up ending it. This is why Ben has taken this part of rehab very seriously, and even though several years have passed, he is still going through it.

As for his supposed rival and Jennifer Lopez’s ex, Alex Rodriguez, he was seen unleashed and partying with three women in a Las Vegas nightclub. Apparently, the former NY Yankees player has taken this singleness very seriously. Days before it was exhibited without any kind of modesty with a blonde. This is Melanie Collins, a sportswoman for the CBS network.

Speaking of this blonde, she made a bikini war with the other one with whom she related to Alex Rodriguez, Madison LeCroy, there is no doubt that Alex Rodriguez He is very demanding when it comes to choosing his women and he likes them statuesque and well-known.

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