Benedetti on hold, the America player still without a definite destination

The case of Nicolás Benedetti continues to give a lot to talk about within Club América since, although he was registered with the azulcrema team.

The board currently headed by Santiago Baños will look for accommodation at all costs in some other team to get his registration and that Renato Ibarra enters instead.

Since last year they have been looking for a place for Benedetti

Nicolás Benedetti has now become a burden for America.

This has caused a lot of annoyance in the followers of America, since they consider that the directive did a bad job, because if they wanted Benedetti to go, there should be no record of the Colombian above that of Renato Ibarra, who now has a problem for the Aguilas squad.

As if that were not enough, from the Record newspaper they affirm that the Colombian player is currently aware of the situation, but is calm and training without any problem with the team and, affirming to his closest environment that he will stay in the Eagles of America.

Injuries, one of Benedetti’s problems

One of the big problems for the Colombian has been injuries. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

And it is unlikely that any team will consider him not because he has no talent, we know that Benedetti has it and to spare, but because of his constant injuries, because they know that at any time the player can get hurt and lose a large number of games in competition, so no offer has come for the Colombian.

So it seems difficult for the player to leave America, so at this moment, Renato Ibarra’s record seems distant.

Águilas hopes to find him space abroad

Benedetti Aguilas of America
Nico continues for now training with the Eagles although it is not taken into account. Photo: Club América.

Las Águilas are still waiting to receive offers for Nicolás Benedetti to continue his career in another institution and with this open the door to another foreigner in the Azulcrema cast.

However, so far no Mexican or foreign team has shown any real interest in the South American, who remains awaiting a final decision regarding his immediate future.

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