Mexican actor and musician Benito Castro dies at 77 after falling down the stairs of his home

Celebrated Mexican actor Benito Castro dies after a fall at home; entertainment industry and fans mourn his loss.

In a saddening turn of events, renowned Mexican actor and musician Arturo Castro Hernandez, popularly known as Benito Castro, passed away on Monday, September 11th, 2023. His untimely demise was first reported on the TV show “Ventaneando,” hosted by journalist Pati Chapoy.

According to Mónica Castro, the actor’s daughter, the tragic incident occurred at the actor’s residence. “He was leaving for Televisa and fell down the house’s stairs,” she explained in an interview with journalist María Luisa Valdés Doria. She further detailed, “He lost a lot of blood, fractured his ribs, and suffered a punctured lung. Everything became complicated when he reached the hospital. They couldn’t stabilize him due to the blood loss, and his blood pressure plummeted.”

Benito’s nephew, Michel Castro Mazas, expressed his grief on Facebook, writing, “Regrettable and sad news. My uncle Benito Castro, the last remaining of our great Castro family, has just passed away. We are mourning and terribly dismayed. May God rest my dear and beloved uncle Benito Castro.”

He is remembered for his role as "El papiringo" Photo: Facebook María Elena Saldaña
He is remembered for his role as “El Papiringo” Photo: Facebook María Elena Saldaña

A Legacy Remembered

Born on June 5, 1946, in Mexico City, Benito Castro hailed from a lineage of musicians and artists. As a young man, he joined the Castro Brothers, a prominent vocal music group, in 1964. He had also been part of the group Arturo Castro y sus Castros 74. The actor’s versatile talents saw him creating iconic characters like “El Papiringo” and “Kin Kin of Acapulco.” He was also associated with other big names in the industry, such as Paco Stanley.

Benito’s career was not just limited to acting. As a musician, he co-authored songs like “Amor primero,” “Para qué,” and “Tu mejor amigo” with Kiko Campos. His collaboration with Manuel Rodríguez birthed tracks like “Alma sana” and “A la Vejez Viruelas.”

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Colleagues and Friends Mourn

Daniel Bisogno, a colleague, remembered Benito fondly, stating, “Good friend Benito Castro, good person, comedian.” Recalling a recent encounter, Bisogno said, “I met Benito a few weeks ago in a bakery. We chatted, and he was in good spirits, wearing his cap. It’s a profound sadness.”

Benito had been actively working in the theater and was part of the play “¿Por qué será que la queremos tanto?” produced by Luis de Alba’s wife.

A Lasting Impact

Beyond his works, Benito Castro was also celebrated for his infectious enthusiasm and humor. As a member of the musical group Hermanos Castro, he was known for his comedic antics on stage that kept audiences laughing. Later, he formed the musical duo ‘Benito y Kiko’ with his friend Kiko Campos, gaining significant popularity across Mexican nightclubs.

As fans and fellow artists mourn the loss of a legend, plans for a fitting tribute to celebrate his illustrious career are underway. Benito Castro’s legacy as a multifaceted artist and beloved figure in the world of Mexican entertainment will undoubtedly live on.