Best bars in the United States of 2022 according to the Liquor Awards

One of the best bars in New York is well known for its quality cocktails as well as its friendly and accessible atmosphere.

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To find out which are the best bars in the United States, Luquor held the Liquor Awards. The list presents the best bars in different categories, such as best classic bar, best neighborhood bar, best restaurant bar and best new bar.

“We believe these winners and nominees represent the people and places that exemplify the best of the American beverage industry,” shares Luquor.

50 personalities from the hotel industry participated in the nominations representing a variety of geographic locations, gender identifications, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, and abilities. Liquor has also partnered with the charity Another Round, Another Rally. Each judge was able to nominate up to five bars.

Winners of the Liquor Awards 2022:

1. Best restaurant bar
Cafe La Trova, Miami, Florida

A place with the spirit of classic Cuban bar culture. Bartenders offer expertly prepared cocktails amid energetic live music. Liquor points out that in Café La Trova you live an experience that manages to be elegant, exuberant and different from any other.

2. Best neighborhood bar
Ba’sik, Brooklyn, New York

The bar is considered “an uncomplicated gem” frequented by both locals and bartenders. It has a good reputation shared by word of mouth for its quality cocktails and its pleasant and accessible atmosphere.

3. Best hotel bar
Hey love, Portland, Oregon

Hey love is described as an oasis at the Jupiter Next hotel. The bar with tropical decoration and luxury drinks “It’s a fantasy escape in downtown Portland that really needs to be experienced.”

4. Best craft cocktail bar
Pacific Cocktail Haven, San Francisco, California

Pacific Cocktail Haven’s classic cocktails are blended with Asian and Pacific Island ingredients and flavors. Kevin Diedrich’s West Coast bar has constant praise and has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to qualityaccording to Liquor.

5. Best new bar
Happy Accidents, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Happy Accidents is a new bar with a distillery license to streamline distribution chains. Additionally, Liquor notes that the bar’s “focus on employee wellness has created a work environment that works for everyone.”

6. Best classic bar
Clover Club, Brooklyn, New York

Founded in 2008, the iconic Clover Club founded is a timeless neighborhood gathering place by Julie Reiner offering expertly crafted drinks and impeccable service.

7. Selection of the best liquors
Canon, Seattle, Wash.

Liquor describes Canon as a “liquor temple that houses more than 4000 bottles”. There are vintage rarities, modern drinks and local productions. “You could spend years here and never drink the same thing twice.”

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