Best Google Doodle for New Year, let’s remember the 3 most impressive

Now that 2021 is coming to an end, many take it as an opportunity for change, closing cycles and welcoming a next stage. So through the years Google has represented this important change, so in AmericanPost.Newss we present the Best Google Doodles for New Years.

To do this, Google makes use of its letters “google” to form designs. When users open it they can find funny animations.

For 2021, the letters that make up the company’s logo are adorned with a small party hat, lights and a candy that announces the upcoming year to conclude. The last thematic doodle that Google presented was for the Day of the Dead.

Best Google Doodles for New Years

One of the best Google Doodles was 2011. One year that attracted a lot of attention was 2014.

In 2019 Doodle showed fireworks in the sky of a city, you can also see a little frog named Froggy with a festive hat and a small bugle to welcome a new year.

This doodle was not done only to celebrate the eve of that new year, but to present the jumping character who was classified as “the frog of the weather.”

  • 2017

Another of the best Google Doodle for New Year has been created for the year 2017 where the protagonism was taken by some cute penguins that made a previous appearance in the Christmas doodle of that year.

The animals are seen celebrating with scarves, hats and streamers, but they also share a dinner in a sunny place. However, something that stands out about this doodle is that, during the sequence of images, the group of friends “paints with light” the word Google.

2014, one of the best Google Doodles for New Years

One year that attracted a lot of attention was 2014.

The 2014 animation was a summary of the most popular searches of that year so you could see the World Cup or the robotic lander Philae.

The Flappy Bird game or the ASL ice cube challenge as well as for this period the Mars Orbiter mission was recognized.

Thus, year after year, despite the events that have occurred in the world, people continue to expect something better for the following year, so these best Google Doodles for New Years showed how things that happened at the time are .

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