Beto Vega wows 40,000 fans with the Mexican anthem at Canelo vs. Ryder event

Regional Mexican singer Beto Vega enthralls fans with a perfect anthem rendition, igniting excitement for Canelo's long-awaited return to home turf.

In one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year, Sonora-born singer Beto Vega was in charge of interpreting the Mexican National Anthem during the Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez vs. John Ryder fight, and he did it like the greats and without a single mistake.

From the Akron stadium in Guadalajara, some 40 thousand people gathered on Saturday night to see the fighters return from Guadalajara to Mexican soil after 10 years without boxing in our country. However, one of the greatest expectations around this event was who would interpret the national anthem, and it was the singer Beto Vega.

Dressed in a shiny red jacket, with a black shirt and a denim shirt that he placed at chest height, the interpreter started the Mexican national anthem in front of thousands of spectators, and it seemed that the public liked it because, at the end of his participation, he clapped.

Viva Mexico, Cabrones!” were the words of the regional Mexican singer at the end of his performance. But the atmosphere did not end there. On the contrary, the mood of the attendees increased because the culmination of the interpretation meant that Canelo was about to appear in the stadium.

Moments later, and with the stadium filled with an army of mariachis, Canelo made his triumphal entrance while they played and sang the famous Vicente Fernandez song”Guadalajara.”

Who is Beto Vega?

He is a 26-year-old regional Mexican singer and musician from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, specializing in norteño songs, as well as corridos and cumbias. Beto Vega is a member of the dynasty to which the late idol Sergio Vega belonged, from whom he also inherited some vocal qualities.

Beto Vega is the son of Freddy “Chuy” Vega; he also has several brothers, Sergio, Chuy, Freddy, Ramón, and Cornelio Vega, who have also developed a history within the regional Mexican music, each one looking for his style, but without losing the character that makes them unmistakable before other stars.

Beto Vega started when he was only 14 and recorded some melodies. By 18, he made his debut as a singer with Banda MS in an event that the natives of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Beto Vega is a friend of Canelo
Beto Vega is a friend of Canelo.

It should be noted that although it was not yet made official, the presentation of the young man “Canelo” Alvarez, social networks already began to speculate about the news, and even in comments on videos in which the famous appears rehearsing, there are people who questioned him about this information, he just answered. However, on his official Instagram account, the artist has several photos with the athlete, so apparently, they are close friends.