Between cheers and applause, Octavio Ocaña’s body is transferred to Tabasco: “Fly high!”

The body of actor Octavio Ocaña is transferred to Tabasco.

Photo: Alejandro Mendoza / Reform Agency

On the morning of this October 31, the actor’s body Octavio Ocana He was transferred to Tabasco, his native state, where he will be buried by decision of the family.

The actor who is remembered for his character of “Benito Rivers” throughout 11 seasons of the comic series ‘Neighbors’, died last Friday afternoon, October 29 after starring in a persecution that ended his life due to an impact from bullet in the head. Although so far the version of the Prosecutor’s Office indicates that he was driving while intoxicated and was armed, a series of speculations have arisen about the case.

Despite the controversy generated, friends and family gathered to give the last goodbye to the charismatic “Benito”. Between applause, cheers, as well as the affection of his fans, it was how the 22-year-old actor was fired at a funeral home in Santa Mónica, State of Mexico, where he was kept vigil since Saturday afternoon.

In a silver coffin, on which they placed a red blanket and their favorite denim, was how they transported the mortal remains of the actor. The float left for Villahermosa, Tabasco, where he will be buried.

Fly high, Octavio! Fly high!“, Were the words of his sisters, who visibly affected, organized the moment of the final farewell while the coffin was transported. His closest relatives gathered to the place, as well as some fans who surrounded the float that will transport him on a road trip of approximately 10 hours, as can be seen in images from the program ‘Venga la Alegría’.

At the moment, Ana and Bertha, sisters of the actor Octavio Ocaña, preferred to keep their opinion regarding the versions that the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico has given about what happened prior to the death of their brother, however, they assure that they will soon seek justice.

Nerea Godinez, who would marry the actor in 2022, highlighted the messages of support he has received from his fans.

He marked many hearts, people love him very much. They have written to me from Colombia, Nicaragua“, said.

Likewise, she regretted the unfortunate outcome, which is why her wedding plans will not be able to be carried out, despite this she will continue to use the engagement ring for a long time: “It will no longer be carried out, but here we continue to carry itHe added.

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