Between cuddles, looks and flashes: this was Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro’s romantic getaway

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro | Getty Images – Photo: Pascal Le Segretain | BRIDGET BENNETT/Getty Images

Rosalia and Raww Alexander They have established themselves as one of the most beloved couples of the moment thanks to the mysticism that surrounds their relationship, because for celebrities it is very important to keep their love life private and not capture them red-handed or in full entertainment.

For this reason, the fans of both singers go crazy every time a paparazzi manages to capture any of their movements or escapades together.

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Such was the case last weekend, when ‘La Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro toured the streets of Los Angeles and they dined at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the city to put the ‘cherry on the cake’ of their romantic date.

There, the guests were not only captivated by their presence, but also by the stunning outfits that the couple used for their special night.

In the case of the interpreter of “Chicken Teriyaki” it was a outfit of leather jacket and midi skirt that she accompanied with a black mini top and cowboy boots of the same color, while her crush opted for a total black look composed of leather jacket and wide pants. The sunglasses in both outfits did not go unnoticed.

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Although the couple gave each other several knowing glances and smiles during their dinner, the only physical contact they publicly displayed was a tender handshake which was captured through the camera lenses.

To the chagrin of the fans, but to the benefit of the couple, this has been of great help in their romance: “There are many couples who ‘get hooked’ and go to fire, we take our time. We’ve been a couple of months, a couple of time… We’ve been a long timeRauw told the program Alofoke Uncensored.

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