Between drugs, weapons and alcohol, young people have fun in the bars of Morelia, Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacan.- drugs Y weapons they enter the pubs from Morelia, armed men and drug dealers are part of the environment in which the youth of the capital of Michoacán have fun on weekends. This was recognized by the Morelia Security Commissioner, Alejandro Gonzlez Cussi.

It is a fact that weapons are being brought in, drugs are being brought in“, declared the security commissioner, in an interview with local media.

The commissioner also highlighted that in Morelia they have not applied sanctions against the business of «red twist» in which incidents or irregularities have been detected. He recalled that a few months ago in the center of Morelia there were some armed attacks inside businesses where alcoholic beverages are sold.

Given this, the commissioner during the interview with the media, González Cussi also made a call to the owners and managers of the nightclubs, specifically so that improve security protocols at bar entrances.

The head of the Morelia Security Commission stressed that when a situation of risk or violence arises in one of these businesses, the personnel of the Morelia Police it has to be present, which causes the streets of the capital to look unprotected.

He reported that a special operation will be carried out to attend to the red turns of Morelia, especially in the area “Chapultepec”, which in recent years has been plagued by bars and nightclubs.

Although the commissioner acknowledged not knowing how many red turns there are in the municipality, he assured that they will be working on a “Mega Operative», with which issues such as excessive noise and the closing of bars at the times established by the municipality will be reviewed.

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The mayor will announce a mega operation, for the Chapultepec area, the boulevard area, which have been severely punished due to the issue of volume and this operation will soon be configured”, said the commissioner.

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