Beverly Crest plot of late billionaire Paul Allen sold for $ 65 million

Paul Allen died in 2018

Photo: Steve Dykes / Getty Images

The late billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen had a great life of luxury. Among its properties was a plot in Beverly Crest, which recently sold for $ 65 million.

This lot of land on top of the area nicknamed “Enchanted Hill” by Greta Garbo in 1920, was bought by the businessman in 1997; however, he never managed to develop the project he had in mind.

25 years later the lot has gone up a lot in value as it is one of the largest in Beverly Crest. Allen’s intention, before he died in 2018, was to build an expanding farm with an equestrian area and a winery.

The only thing that was done in the place was the division into five parts of the land, a one-mile-long driveway was added, two guarded entrances and public service infrastructure. This is why the new owner paid $ 65 million, much more than what Allen paid in ’97.

This terrain It was quite attractive to other billionaires, an example was Jeff Bezos who was willing to pay the large sum of $ 90 million dollars, this never took place.

According to specialized media the sale for $ 65 million dollars It is a great failure, as the property entered the real estate market for nothing more and nothing less than $ 150 million.

It is also a loss when compared to the sale of other properties of the co-founder, together Bill gates, from Microsoft. It is said that his floating mansion with swimming pool, library and basketball court was sold for $ 226 million.

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