Beyoncé wished BTS’s J-Hope a happy birthday

the rapper J-Hope from BTS celebrated its 28th birthday on February 18, for which it presented a live broadcast of V LIVE with the fans, and ARMY from all over the world sent birthday wishes to the artist.

Through its official website, Beyonce wished him a happy birthday to j-hope and shared a childhood photo of the BTS rapper.

And it is that, every birthday celebration and even on Beyonce’s own B’Day, she sends emotional words to different celebrities on her website.

Although several members of BTS had their birthdays after Jungkook, J-Hope is the first member of bts to receive a birthday greeting from Beyoncé since 2021.

Beyoncé official website with wish list

On the cover of Beyoncé’s official website, there is a birthday wish list for several celebrities. J-Hope is listed among Dr. Dre, The Weeknd, Megan Thee Stallion, Paris Hilton, Michael Jordan, Ed Sheeran, Amber Riley, and Lynn Whitfield.

J-Hope’s birthday wish reads: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY J-HOPE” and includes a photo of the BTS rapper as a child. In the photo, a young J-Hope stands on a stone staircase with his hands in his pockets.

BTS fans loved Beyoncé’s birthday wish for J-Hope. After Beyoncé’s birthday wish for J-Hope was found online, BTS fans shared their excitement for the greeting on social media.

“Armyhive we really win thanks for coming bey,” one Reddit user wrote.

When does BTS break up?

The South Korean band BTS announces that they will take a break during 2022. However, BTS managed to break a record due to the speed with which they have exceeded more than 14 million followers.

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