Beyond the kiss: Exploring Santa Fe Klan and Karely Ruiz’s upcoming music project

The truth behind Santa Fe Klan and Karely Ruiz's rumored romance, and learn about their upcoming musical collaboration set to release on May 4th.

Ángel Jair Quezada Jasso, known in the music industry as Santa Fe Klan, and Karely Ruiz were among the top social media trends during April due to romance rumors. The corridos tumbados singer, and the OnlyFans star were very affectionate on Instagram. They passionately kissed each other in front of thousands of people at the MacroFest in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Their pictures and unexpected encounter on stage caused social network users to speculate about an alleged courtship. Many considered that their demonstration of love was enough to confirm the existence of a romantic relationship. But that was not all. Some others compared the adult content model to Karla Panini for allegedly betraying Maya Nazor, Santa Fe Klan’s ex-partner and mother of his only son.

Santa Fe Klan y Maya Nazor concluyeron su relación aproximadamente cinco meses después de convertirse en padres. (Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473)
Santa Fe Klan and Maya Nazor ended their relationship approximately five months after becoming parents (Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473).

Karely Ruiz denied courtship with Santa Fe Klan.

Several days after the scandal, the Monterrey native met with the media at an airport where she was inevitably questioned about her alleged romance with the rapper from Guanajuato. Without going into details, she assured everyone that there was nothing more than a beautiful friendship between them. She hinted that it was all part of a collaboration, as she commented that the public would discover the truth through her social networks.

Kissing has to be normalized. Nothing happens. I can kiss you without a problem (she told a reporter). I didn’t say I was with him. We are friends,” he declared before the cameras and microphones.

El cantante publicó varias fotografías junto a la modelo con frases románticas. (Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473)
The singer published pictures of the model with romantic phrases (Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473).

Santa Fe Klan confessed the truth behind his “romance” with Karely Ruiz

The also influencer was not the only one to speak out on the matter, as the interpreter of Cuidando El Territorio ended the speculation on Desde El Cerro De La Silla, a YouTube show hosted by Franco Escamilla.

“Without words, we want it to be something normal, that if we do it, everyone does it. No, but it was a kiss, and that’s it. We recorded a song too. There are several (kisses). We gave each other like three,” he commented.

He also explained that he agreed to kiss Karely Ruiz at the concert he gave in Monterrey at the request of the public and assured that they are not a couple: “No (we are boyfriend and girlfriend). People shouted ‘kiss’ at a concert just yesterday. I was catching the vibe and said: ‘No mom*s’ (…) It was cool that day at the Macro Plaza. I didn’t think we were going to kiss. We had never kissed before”.

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La modelo respondió todas las publicaciones con corazones. (Instagram: @karelyruiz)
The model responded to all the posts with hearts (Instagram: @karelyruiz).

When will their musical collaboration be released?

During that same interview that Santa Fe Klan gave for the comedian, he revealed that his musical collaboration with Karely Ruiz will be released next Thursday, May 4, on all digital platforms. The rapper’s statements surprised Franco Escamilla, who, in an attempt to get more information, asked questions about the song’s central theme.

The man from Guanajuato responded in his style: “The song I recorded with her is cool. It comes out on May 4th. (He speaks) Well here, how can I explain it to you? It talks about how we’re kind of blabbing around here”.

Korean influencer Chingu Amiga was also on the recording set and listened attentively to the Mexican artist but could not understand his song explanation.

Karely Ruiz se sometió a tres operaciones estéticas tras su debut en televisión. (Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473)
Karely Ruiz underwent three cosmetic surgeries after her television debut (Instagram: @santa_fe_klan_473).

“Look, let your boyfriend explain,” Ángel Quesada said between laughs.

Franco Escamilla resorted to the help of the content creator to explain to her that the central theme of Santa Fe Klan’s next musical release will be the couple’s royal welcome.

So far, it is unknown if Karely Ruiz will only appear in the video clip or if she will debut as a singer. At some point, the rapper from Guanajuato published a photograph of the model in a recording studio singing.