Bibi Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo send each other nice messages to celebrate 28 years of marriage

Not many couples on the show have had the opportunity to celebrate several decades of marriage, as the pressure of public life and busy schedules can wear down any marriage. For this reason, it is very nice to see the love that Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo showed each other, due to the celebration of 28 years of marriage.

“Happy 28th my love!!!! In the good, in the bad and in the SPECTACULAREEEEEEES!!! I will always love youeeeeeee!!!!!!”was the dedication that Gaytán wrote on her Instagram account when she shared a photo with her husband on Instagram.

On the other hand, Capetillo also uploaded the same image with a message clarifying that they have been together for 30 years: “Sharing another anniversary together, 28 years of marriage and 30 years together, thank you for this beautiful journey, congratulations, my love.”

Although they have been together for many years, on several occasions the ex-Timbiriches have assured that they do not have a secret to carry their relationWell, like any marriage, nothing is perfect and they do not like their union to be idealized.

In the past they have talked about the importance of communication to get through the good and bad times, and that when the work schedule interferes at home, you always have to see how situations are handled, putting love first.. Additionally, there have also been rumors that the couple was about to divorce in 2019, but it turned out to be false as they were preparing to return to television and celebrate their 25th anniversary.

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