Bibi Gaytán wears the perfect shorts for mature and elegant women

Bibi Gaytan confirms that yes, it is okay to show leg, but it must be done in a sophisticated way by showing off the shorts ideal for women mature, elegant and comfortable. Without a doubt, the famous continues to impose style with her dazzling beauty despite her age.

The former Timbiriche and mother of five children, has managed to preserve her beauty thanks to the way she takes care of her diet and the dance and singing classes she has maintained despite having temporarily paused her career as an artist.

Beside Edward Capetillo, Bibi Gaytán has also formed one of the most beloved couples in Mexican entertainment and after more than 26 years together, their love remains as strong as the first day. They recently celebrated the 8th birthday of their youngest children and have proudly supported their older children in each of their projects.

Bibi Gaytán resumes presence among the Mexican public

The famous has resumed her presence in the public eye and although it was expected that Biby Gaytán could return to television again, the expected agreement was not achieved. In any case, the famous one has taken advantage of this time to show the most fashionable side of her and now she surprises with the shorts that are a trend for mature women.

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Bibi Gaytán shows off her legs in perfect shorts

AmericanPost.News reports that it was in a special pose for the magazine “Hola” where the beautiful Bibi Gaytán was most elegant in a set of shorts and a red houndstooth print blazer. The shorts are high-waisted and Biby paired them with a white shirt, adding a simple yet sophisticated touch.

It is worth mentioning that high-waisted shorts are ideal for mature women because they highlight the figure, serve to hide the belly and can be worn with a wide variety of footwear depending on the occasion. In the case of Bibi Gaytán, she decided to wear high-heeled sandals that made her legs stand out.

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