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Surprising and beautiful: The Mexican actress, Biby Gaytán surprises on social networks by appearing in a fitted swimsuit while throwing herself from the top of a cenote with her husband Eduardo Capetillo and her twins Manuel and Daniel, the beautiful artist continues to be seen just as beautiful as in her past years.

It is known that Biby Gaytán was one of the most beautiful women in the acting world, getting leading roles and roles that were very much in line with the personality and beauty of the beautiful Mexican, however with the passing of the years Biby decided to move away from acting a bit. , and focus on other personal projects.

Surprise with fitted swimsuit

Surprise with fitted swimsuit
VIDEO: YouTube

However, several years after his imminent departure from this area, the beautiful wife of actor Eduardo Capetillo continues to steal thousands of sighs for her incomparable beauty, which she continues to preserve at 46 years of age, provoking endless reactions in social networks of part of his followers.

A clear example was when the singer, who was also a singer, surprised her more than 300 thousand subscribers on YouTube by publishing a video next to her husband and children, where the actress struck with a tremendous black swimsuit, while preparing to launch from the tip of a cenote.

Biby Gaytán surprises on her vacation with a fitted swimsuit

Biby Gaytán surprises on her vacation with a fitted swimsuit

In the video, which was published on August 12, Biby Gaytán showed us a bit of her vacation through the tourist destinations of the city of Yucatán, visiting beautiful squares and eating endless typical food, all next to her twins, Manuel and Daniel and her husband, Eduardo Capetillo.

However, what most caught the attention of its subscribers was not only the beauties that the actress showed us but the fitted black swimsuit that revealed the shocking body that the beautiful dancer has at her 46 years, which she stole looks and sighs in the time of the 90s, when Biby was still dedicated to the world of acting.

From a cenote, Biby Gaytán launches herself in a black swimsuit

From a cenote, Biby Gaytán launches in a black swimsuit
VIEO: YouTube

Said fragment ale until the end of her 18-minute video, where we can see how Biby Gaytán was preparing to launch herself from the platform of a cenote, while wearing a fitted black one-piece swimsuit, which left the discovered her stunning figure.

In the water, her little twins were already waiting for her with Eduardo Capetillo, while more people were around her enjoying the beautiful cenotes that Yucatan gave them. This small video already has more than 215 thousand reproductions so far and endless comments about it.

“You continue to preserve your beautiful figure,” they say to Biby Gaytán in her swimsuit

"You still keep your beautiful figure", they tell Biby Gaytán in her swimsuit
VIDEO: YouTube

Various comments began to arrive at the video where Biby Gaytán showed off her incredible body in a fitted black swimsuit, where followers highlighted that in addition to being an excellent mother, she continued to maintain a beautiful figure over the years:

One user wrote the following: “You have left me with a square eye, apart from being an excellent mother and wife, you have a sensational figure of 100. And your education and your tenderness towards your little ones that you took care of them as it should be. You are a great example of Mom and thank you for treating all those people who attended them with gratitude and education. Your great humility, which is also seen in your actions. Thanks Biby. I follow you. And I also miss your mother-in-law. God bless you Biby and all your beautiful family ”.

“Your family is beautiful”

VIDEO: YouTube

Other users, in addition to admiring the beauty of the beautiful Mexican woman in her black bathing suit, highlighted that her family was very beautiful, and very united: “Oh no! What a beautiful, educated woman. Always aware of their little children. The beautiful place, you really feel like you were there. Wonderful video Biby, thank you very much ”.

“How beautiful you are Biby, how beautiful your family. God bless you always “,” Simply beautiful woman, one of the most beautiful women in Mexico with all due respect, Eduardo Capetillo was very lucky! ” your video. YOU CAN SEE IT HERE.

Did they run out of money? Biby Gaytán’s return to telenovelas is announced

PHOTO: Mezcalent

After retiring from telenovelas, Juan Osorio announces Biby Gaytán’s return to telenovelas, this production will be carried out by him and will be a remake of a classic telenovela from the 70s. Given this news, many Internet users say that her return is due to the fact that “her money ran out” for her and Eduardo Capetillo.

It was in 2008 the last time that the Mexican actress, Biby Gaytán participated in a telenovela, in that production, she shared the stage with her husband, also actor Eduardo Capetillo, giving a special participation to the telenovela “In the name of Love” , along with the now retired actress, Allisson Lozz and Victoria Ruffo. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Strikes In Surprising Swimsuit

His return to soap operas

PHOTO: Instagram

Through the portal People in spanish, It was announced that one of the most popular actresses of the 90s, Biby Gaytán, would have a triumphant “return” to soap operas, and that it would be accompanied by the great production of Juan Osorio, who is very excited to work with her on your next project.

According to data provided by the media, this new production will star Eduardo Capetillo’s wife, and will be a remake of the 1997 Mexican classic starring, at that time, by the leading actress, María Victoria Cervantes and Xavier López “Chabelo” titled “The well-raised maid ”. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Strikes In Surprising Swimsuit

“I am fascinated, I have convinced a great actress”

PHOTO: Instagram

Faced with this return of Biby Gaytán to soap operas, the Mexican producer, Juan Osorio, argued how excited he is because the actress is participating in his production, showing himself happy to have convinced her and give this project a chance, which he still does not have. release date:

“I am fascinated because I have convinced a great actress and a great person who gives me this opportunity to do this great project, which is called Biby Gaytán,” said the producer for the radio program All for women, hosted by Maxine Woodside. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Strikes In Surprising Swimsuit

“A lucky break”

PHOTO: Instagram

Before Biby Gaytán’s return to telenovelas was announced, producer Juan Osorio already gave indications of who would star in his new production, however, he had not confirmed anything about it, since he only argued: “She will be a beautiful Mexican actress. and that emerged on Televisa ”.

This new remake will be called A lucky break and it will tell the story of “innocence” of a woman who will have to debate between two suitors, at the time, the original soap opera called “The spoiled maid ” It was directed by Fernando Cortés. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Strikes In Surprising Swimsuit

Biby Gaytán has not yet confirmed this return to telenovelas

PHOTO: Instagram

It should be noted that, despite the fact that Juan Osorio confessed to said project, Eduardo’s wife, Biby Gaytán, has not yet confirmed his return to soap operas or that he is in talks to participate, however the idea is not considered so far-fetched. that despite the fact that they have not been such permanent returns, Bibi has still participated in various productions, either conducting in different reality shows, or in musicals.

It was also not long ago when Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán announced their next reality show, which is called Bibi and Eduardo, The reality show, which premiered on April 25 through the Univision network: “We open our lives to the entire audience, I love that they know us how we are,” said the actor at the time. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Strikes In Surprising Swimsuit

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