Biby Gaytán, wife Eduardo Capetillo, did I have a mouth operation? (PHOTO)

  • Biby Gaytán is ‘under fire’ for a photograph
  • The Mexican wanted to send a message of love to her husband and it ended badly
  • The ridicule and criticism for Eduardo Capetillo’s wife were intense

“I love you, for everything you are, for everything you have been and for everything you will be”, were the words that Biby Gaytán dedicated to her husband Eduardo Capetillo in a beautiful photograph where they are together, but nobody expected that the focus will be on the famous woman’s mouth.

And it is that although a few weeks ago, Biby Gaytán’s daughter amazed her with the change that her face showed by putting a filter that improved the appearance of her face, making her look without imperfections and with many years less than the 50 that she already has. soap opera actress, but now everything became real with surgery?

Biby Gaytán did she operate her mouth?

Instagram: Biby Gaytán

People were upset when they saw how Biby Gaytán’s face looks different, or is it the angle? together with Eduardo Capetillo, because her mouth does seem to have a collagen injection and is somewhat swollen, although without hesitation, she continues as beautiful and jovial as we have always known her.

Eduardo Capetillo also looks more rejuvenated in the image, so he probably has filters or retouches that made the image of famous people look more different than normal, however, that did not save them from being criticized on the page of Instagram of ‘Hoy Día’.

The photo ‘of the crime’ of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo

Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo

Filters or tweaks? The image was posted on Biby Gaytán’s Instagram but replicated by other pages such as the morning show ‘Hoy Día’, so that there people managed to put together a debate about what was happening with the Mexican actress and singer if her beauty looked ‘different’:

“Oops my god, she did something to her mouth, this stranger”, “So pretty she is and she already got annoyed with that joker’s mouth that she didn’t need, I hope the effect wears off soon”, “Biby is she doesn’t look alike nothing ”,“ And then they say that nothing has ever been done to her face ”,“ It doesn’t look like her ”, commented the people.

They ask Biby Gaytán not to ‘disgrace’ her face

The singer's wife looks different?

More criticism appeared when they saw Biby Gaytán’s face: “Remember that makeup works miracles”, “It looks like a Joker”, “No and she didn’t deserve any of that, she was so pretty, but well if she’s happy like that, good for her “,” What happened Biby does not look at allaaaaaa “,” She does not look at all “,” And what wasee? He injected himself with everything. It does not look like it. “

They begged the singer and actress not to touch her face with unnecessary treatments or surgeries: “her lipstick is above the edge of her lips, that’s why she looks like this”, “Half a kilo of botox and the good stuff”, ” What happened to her mouth !!! ”,“ She was very pretty, what happened to her? ”,“ They changed us to biby !! If it is her? ”, Concluded the people.

It has always been distinguished for being ‘natural’

Biby Gaytán had her mouth operated

Biby Gaytán has always been very disciplined since she started in Timbiriche and has distinguished herself by having an enviable figure since she has been a ballet lover since she was little, which undoubtedly shaped the body she possesses and has remained that way until today?

Although on her Instagram account, Eduardo Capetillo’s wife shares videos of her exercise routines, the truth is that Biby Gaytán has never been seen with the desire to undergo some kind of cosmetic or plastic surgery, so probably in the photograph with her husband was the angle or a kind of filter that made her look ‘unrecognizable’ for many.

Eduardo Capetillo’s wife had already shown ‘interest and surprise’ in changing her image

Biby Gaytán, wife Eduardo Capetillo

UNRECOGNIZABLE! Biby Gaytán’s daughter, surprised her followers by showing her mother with a small ‘fix’ on her face. Ana Pau, was in charge of showing her mother through social networks, looking surprising due to the filters of the application where she was taking the picture.

Biby mentioned that she was shocked with the changes made by the effect in social networks, noting that she had loved them. While Ana Pau was in charge of ‘pouting’ her mother, who posed with more pleasure for the camera enjoying the compliments that her 24-year-old daughter gave her.

The daughter of the famous ‘makes an arrangement’

Biby Gaytán unrecognizable: The chulea in social networks
Photo: Instagram

Biby Gaytán, surprised her followers through her daughter’s social networks. The 24-year-old was in charge of showing her mother how Instagram was handled and teaching her the filters used in said social network; For that reason, the young woman enjoyed showing him a special filter where he made a small ‘fix’ on his face.

It seems that both women were having a good afternoon, enjoying their quality time together. For this reason, while the young woman played with the application for a while, she taught her mother how to use the filters that come in the application and show her how she can change the appearance of people. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

A filter made his expression change

Unrecognizable Biby Gaytán: Looks Very Different
Photo: Instagram

The young woman shared with her Instagram followers a story where she is showing her mother a new filter that she had found in the application. In that story, Biby’s face is shown to change slightly because that filter made her nose slimmer and she had freckles on her cheeks.

“Look at this filter, Mom,” Ana Paula commented to her mother, while she focused the cell phone camera on her mother’s face, and the filter made those little ‘arrangements’ for her. “Listen to me!”, Replied the soap opera actress to her daughter, while posing in those moments and a completely different image of the actress was shown. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

Biby Gaytán, did she have surgery?

Unrecognizable: Your Daughter's Flattery
Photo: Instagram

Ana Paula Capetillo, did not hesitate to express how good her mother looked with that Instagram filter, so she quickly began to praise her and tell her how good she looked using that type of ‘tricks’ in the application. That seemed to cheer the actress, who smiled enormously at her daughter’s words.

“How beautiful!”, Said Ana Pau, flattering the actress and singer. Biby only started laughing at what her daughter said, while the young woman kept encouraging her to pose for her Instagram followers. On different occasions, it has been mentioned that Ana Paula is very similar to her mother and as the years go by, that version is confirmed. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

People think of their change

Photo: Instagram

The clip was shared by the Instagram account ‘Univisión Famosos’, who commented on the appearance of the actress and told her that she did not need those filters to look very good, they also expressed the love they have for her and how happy they were to be to see the actress and her daughter so united, who whenever they can, share their day to day with the followers.

Listen to me! ”: @Bibygaytan is surprised by an Instagram filter and her daughter praises her for being ‘beautiful’”, reads the description of the video uploaded by the actress and her daughter. “She does not need filters, she is beautiful,” they commented in the publication that said Instagram account shared, a few moments ago. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable

Biby Gaytán unrecognizable: Alejandra, daughter of the actress spoke about the burn that was done to her face

Alejandra Capetillo burns her daughter's face
Photo: Instagram

“I want to show you the caliber of burn without a filter”, were the words of Alejandra Capetillo, daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo in the face of the terrible situation she experienced for not paying attention to an incident she had while cooking and that now has consequences for her face.

For a year, Alejandra Capetillo, went to live in Madrid, Spain and has seen them ‘black’ between weather phenomena, the COVID pandemic and other things that she has had to face alone, however, now she had another accident of the that he will not be able to ‘escape’ since he burned his face. Filed Under: Biby Gaytán Unrecognizable. Some images of this note come from this and this videos.