Biby Gaytán’s daughter told why the singer decided to leave the stage

the famous singer Biby Gaytan surprised all his fans when he decided to put his singing career on indefinite hiatus. They always doubted that she would have motivated the former Timbiriche to leave the stage.

Although the singer revealed it was a personal decision, she never explained why. However, some of her most notorious speculations are that everything would have been at a request from her husband. Edward Capetillo the moment they had their children.

But recently, the young Ana Paula Capetillo decided to share the real reason why the former Timbiriche put her artistic career on hold.

Ana Paula thanked her mother for the decision she made

Biby Gaytán talks about her mother’s reasons.

Ana Paula Capetillo assured her mother, Biby Gaytan, decided to stop singing on stage because he preferred to dedicate himself to caring for her and her two brothers: Eduardo and Alejandra.

But it was a decision made solely by the former Timbiriche, no one influenced her. In addition, the young woman took advantage of her moment to thank her for preferring to stay close to them, even though she had to leave the stage and only be able to make brief appearances on TV.

That was completely her decision, and the truth is that I am infinitely grateful to her, that is, that she has made that sacrifice for us and that she has always been a mother who is attentive to us and close. There is no way to pay it,” Ana Paula said.

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Does Biby Gaytán return to television?

Although, on the other hand, Ana Paula Capetillo assures us that the talented Biby Gaytán will return to acting on television. She does not tell many details because his mother still does not want to reveal anything.

They suppose that it could be in a series by the producer Juan Osorio. For now, the former Timbiriche will appear alongside Belinda in Top Chef VIP.