Biden and AMLO discussed migration, border chaos, fentanyl traffic, and “politicking”

AMLO and Biden collaborate on tackling border issues, enhancing visa processes, and confronting political opportunism for a better future.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador(AMLO) delved into what he discussed with his United States(US) counterpart, Joe Biden, during the phone call they held last May 9. “It was an excellent call,” said the Tabasqueño in his May 10 morning address, committing himself to deepen what they both discussed regarding immigration, security and economic issues. In this regard, the Chief Executive informed:

President López Obrador first assured that in the call he held last Tuesday with the President of the United States, Joe Biden, the agreements revolved around migration and how to act to avoid “chaos” and “violence” on the border.

As Thursday morning progressed, the President released more information and first informed that migrants in the Mexican Southeast would be protected from the presence of “polleros” offering to take them to the US border.

A unas horas de que finalice el Título 42, López Obrador informó que enviará agentes de la Guardia Nacional a la frontera sur. (AFP)
A few hours before the end of Title 42, López Obrador informed that he would send National Guard agents to the southern border. (AFP)

He revealed that information is being provided to migrants about the legal ways established to enter the United States as part of the 300,000 visas for Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, and Nicaragua; and another 100,000 for other Central American countries.

He detailed that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, is in charge of the actions taken regarding the arrival of migrants.

What did they talk about

President López Obrador said he had discussed with Biden the need to address the causes of migration; but changed the subject and assured that something he also discussed with the U.S. President was that “opportunistic politicians” in his country, who want a conflict to occur at the border. He pointed out, although without naming names, the governors of Texas and Florida and legislators.

According to the president, this is nothing more than “politicking.” Because of this, he called to act in a way that avoids confrontation. He also said that he had proposed not to bureaucratize the processing of visas and that the more agile it is, the less danger the migrants will run.

El presidente López Obrador ofreció detalles sobre la llamada que sostuvo con Joe Biden el pasado martes, en la que se habló de fentanilo, migración y desarrollo económico.
President López Obrador offered details about his call with Joe Biden last Tuesday, in which they discussed fentanyl, migration, and economic development.

He added that they discussed the change that should take place in the policy between neighbors. In this sense, he considered that the United States should seek agreements with Venezuela and Cuba, avoiding confrontations with these countries.

As well as the fact that Joe Biden agreed to increase resources to provide more support to Latin American and Caribbean countries and thus avoid the migration of their citizens.

Might be interesting:

When speaking about financing, President López Obrador said that the money is being sent through civil society organizations and is not reaching the people, so he considered that this type of strategy should be modified and look for ways to support directly and without intermediaries.

El Presidente dijo que hubo al menos tres temas que evitó tocar en su llamada con Joe Biden. (Especial)
The President said that there were at least three topics that he avoided touching on in his call with Joe Biden. (Special)

What AMLO and Biden did not talk about

The first topic he revealed they did not talk about was the sending of National Guard elements to the southern border, which he said would be implemented by the will of his administration.

“We did not agree to it. We made the decision, but they have instructions not to use force; I have no idea (how many elements they will be), but we did decide to be vigilant to avoid provocations”.

Another topic that was not discussed was the increase in the budget for organizations in Mexico, such as Article 19 and others that he identified as organizations of businessman Claudio X. Gonzalez.

He assured everyone that this is a subject that he is embarrassed to mention and said he was sure that the financing of these organizations is a fact that he is not consulted about. He assured that the ones who know about it are agencies such as the CIA, the DEA, and the State Department.

Entre los temas que López Obrador evitó en su llamada con Biden se encuentran el caso Julian Assange. (Cuartoscuro)
Among the topics López Obrador avoided in his call with Biden was the Julian Assange case. (Cuartoscuro).

“Biden is into other things, and he is a statesman; the rest is mousetrap politics. So I’m not going to talk about those issues. I do it because it is something that has to do with the dignity and sovereignty of our people; it is proof that they are intervening illegally,” he said.

After that, he also revealed that he did not discuss with Biden the case of Julian Assange, about which they already had a dialogue. He said he did not touch the subject again out of respect but added that his freedom is being affected.

And a third topic was the recovery of Category 1 in aviation security two years after his government lost it.