Biden ordered review and possible release of documents related to the 9/11 attacks

Biden ordered review and possible release of documents related to the 9/11 attacks

This decision was taken within the framework of the 20 years of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers.

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Joe biden on Friday signed an order to the Department of Justice and other federal agencies to open a review of declassified documents in relation to the terrorist attacks of September 11 on the Twin Towers.

It is estimated that if valuable and declassified material is obtained during the review, new documents could be published that could make the public opinion aware of the events that are about to turn 20 years old.

“The executive order requires the Attorney General to disclose the declassified documents publicly during the next six months”, Biden reported through a statement released by the White House.

“My heart continues to go out to the 9/11 families who are suffering, and my administration will continue to respectfully engage the community. I welcome their voices and insights as we chart the way forward, ”the letter continued.

This ordinance was made possible by a letter that the White House by more than 1,600 people affected by the September 11 attacks in which they asked the president to refrain from going to the Ground Zero in New York to commemorate one more year of events unless you post additional documents and information.

This prompted the Department of Justice to announce the review of information or documents previously linked to the terrorist attacks that hit New York that could be in the public domain, he reviewed CNN.

It was known that the government had informed a federal court in Manhattan that the FBI recently closed an investigation in relation to alleged hijackers of September 11, it said. a spokesman for the Department of Justice.

“Although this development followed US District Court rulings upholding the government’s claims of privilege, the FBI has decided to review its prior claims of privilege to identify additional information appropriate for release. The FBI will release such information on an ongoing basis as quickly as possible, ”the spokesperson stressed.

In August, Joe Biden had highlighted that these efforts are made with the intention of fulfilling his campaign promise so that the department will work on the publication of these records with the greatest “transparency” possible.

“As promised during my campaign, my Administration is committed to ensuring the highest degree of transparency under the law and to adhere to the rigorous guidance issued during the Obama-Biden Administration on invoking the privilege of state secrets,” and pledged for the process to take place “as fast as possible”.

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