Billie Eilish comments on her experience with Tourette syndrome

Billie Eilish.

Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP/Getty Images

When she was just 11 years old, singer Billie Eilish was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.a condition that affects the nervous system and is characterized by the appearance of small tics. In the case of the music star, they manifest themselves in the form of involuntary movements of the ears, the eyebrows and the muscles of the arms.

For the music star, living with this disease has been “exhausting”especially when he has to explain to the rest of the world that he has not seen a fly and that he simply you find it impossible not to move your head from side to side or open your mouthas has happened in the interview he recently gave to the American presenter David Letterman for your series “My next guest needs no introduction.” “If you record me during the day, you will see that I have many tics. I don’t mind. It’s very strange, I haven’t talked about it too much before, ”Billie assured to clarify that the lights on the set had triggered her tics.

Currently the singer has learned to live with Tourette, although she still finds it very offensive that others think she is being funny when she has a tic. “I love answering questions on the subject, because it’s very, very interesting. And I’m also confused by it. I don’t understand. For me, it is very exhausting. Not that I like it, but I feel like it’s a part of me. I’ve made friends with it. And now, I’m quite confident in myself.”he added.

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