Billionaire Elon Musk predicts humans will reach Mars in 5 years

The current space age has promising adventures, some even that come with humans on other worlds. In that sense, the entrepreneur Elon Musk predicts humans will reach Mars in five years or worst, a decade from now, their rockets will carry humans to Mars.

SpaceX, his private company, has been ahead of its competitors and provides the rockets with which the Americans returned to space after almost a decade in which they were forced to count on the help of the Russians.

“I would be surprised if we don’t land on Mars in five years,” Elon Musk said in mid-December in an interview with Time magazine.

Elon Musk predicts humans will reach Mars

The fact is not only that Elon Musk envisions humans reaching Mars, but that he envisions a multiplanetary human life. In his vision Elon Musk foresees that humans will reach Mars, but also colonize planets.

“The general objective is to make life multiplanetary and allow humanity to become a space civilization,” he said. Elon Musk, who thinks SpaceX will help make this idea come true.

And the businessman considers that Mars is the candidate planet to become the new home of humanity in case the Earth becomes uninhabitable. In fact, Elon Musk recently reaffirmed this idea again.

When do you think SpaceX will put humans on the surface of Mars? It was Lex Fridman’s question to which Elon Musk was categorical:

“At best, 5 years. In the worst case, 10 years ”.

It was then that Elon Musk foresees that humans will arrive on Mars and does so with a very optimistic vision that will depend on solving several not minor questions, both in the field of engineering and economics.

“Starship is the most complex and advanced rocket ever made. The fundamental optimization of Starship is to minimize the cost per ton to orbit and ultimately the cost per ton to reach the surface of Mars, “said Musk.

“No one can fly to Mars for a billion dollars”, explained the CEO of SpaceX and added that there is no amount of money in the world today that can secure a ticket to the red planet.

Elon Musk and humans as a “multiplanetary race”

In his vision Elon Musk foresees that humans will reach Mars, but also colonize planets.

On the Lex Fridman Podcast, Elon Musk envisioned humans reaching Mars but also said that mankind cannot afford to get to Mars, leave traces on the surface and not return for 50 years; He referred to the need to think of humans, in the future, as a “multiplanetary race” to be able to survive some kind of calamity that puts life on Earth at risk.

“The next big thing is to build a self-sustaining city on Mars and bring Earth’s animals and creatures there,” he says. This would be, in the words of the magician, a kind of “futuristic Noah’s ark” that would house more than two specimens of each species because it would be “a bit strange if there are only two”. Thus, the businessman seeks to develop a large settlement on the red planet.

Elon Musk predicts that humans will reach Mars and analyzed a hypothetical form of government for the first colonizers of Mars. “It would be a new frontier and a good opportunity to reimagine the nature of a government. I would suggest having a direct democracy, so that people vote directly on something, instead of a representative democracy.

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