Biological Station in Mahahual will cost 12 million pesos

With an investment of 12 million pesos, the Technological Institute of Chetumal (ITCH), informed that it is planned to open a biological research station in Mahahual, which would have an investment higher than the 12 million pesos.

The director of ITCH, Mario Vicente González RoblesHe pointed out that the executive project is already in place, and that they are carrying out the resource management work so that they can execute it.

I am confident that there will be support from the federal and state governments, and that despite a clear decrease in the resources allocated by the federation for research programs.

The academic considered the viability of the project, since the investigations that will be generated are already being developed, he also explained that such investigations will contribute to the conservation of the environment and fisheries.

He explained that in the biological research station, the students will be able to carry out samplings and will have the necessary tools to be able to continue with their work, in a very particular way.

González Robles added that the students of the biology career and the Doctorate in Environmental Sciences carry out various studies in Xcalac, Banco Chinchorro and Mahahual, a situation that would be convenient in all aspects.

He finally remembered that the ITCH, has developed research work with the snail and its closure, this also allows analyzes of the populations as well as the fisheries including the Lion Fish and the effects that it has generated in the area because it is an invasive species.

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