Bishop says in front of children that Santa Claus does not exist and was created by Coca-Cola

A bishop of Italy It has caused great controversy because it indicated to the parishioners, among whom were several children, that Santa claus does not exist, that he is “an imaginary character and not a real person” and that his red suit is a creation of the Coca-Cola company to sell more.

This is Bishop Antonio Staglianò, who at the end of the “Afímeras Arts” festival in Sicily indicated: “No, Santa Claus does not exist. In fact, I would add that the red of the suit he wears was chosen by Coca-Cola exclusively for the advertising “

The parents did not like the Archbishop’s statements at all, who immediately they complained in the diocese, who through social networks offered an apology on behalf of the bishop.

In his Facebook account the Reverend Allessandro Paolino, director of communication of the diocese wrote: “I regret this statement that has led to the disappointment of the little ones”

They also revealed that the archbishop only intended “to reflect with greater awareness on the meaning of Christmas and the beautiful traditions that accompany it.”

Revealed that Santa Claus is based on Saint Nicholas

Archdiocese apologized for the bishop’s statements It is based on Saint Nicholas

Later the archbishop in question appeared in a video explaining that Santa Claus, as he is also known, it is based on and supported by the figure of Saint Nicholas.

“Dear children, I have not said, as you will remember well, that Santa Claus (Babbo Natale, in Italy) does not exist; I have said that he exists as an imaginary character and not as a real, historical person,” says the bishop.

Under the premise that Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas the bishop explained that children should help each other and be in solidarity with poor children. He indicated that his intention was to encourage the little ones “to have a more personified idea of ​​Santa Claus” and to “recover the true meaning of the Christian tradition of Christmas.”

Who is Santa Claus really?

It is based on Saint Nicholas

The character of Santa Claus is the English form of the Dutch name for Saint Nicholas, ‘Sinterklaas’. Although the modern Santa Claus is associated with a fantasy world, the historical Saint Nicholas was a pious man known for his charity and generosity.

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