Bishop of Spain resigns for leaving with a writer of erotic novels

  • Bishop of Spain resigned from office for a ‘scandalous’ reason
  • The 52-year-old bishop shocked everyone by wanting to date erotic novelist
  • Xavier Novell is on everyone’s lips for his controversial decision

All around the Internet, a piece of news has gone viral due to the controversy that encompasses the Church and eroticism. It was reported that Xavier Novell, the bishop of Spain, resigned from his position to live with a erotic novelist, now his life partner.


According to different portals such as’ El Confidencial ‘, the 52-year-old bishop of Spain sent a letter addressed to Pope Francis, with the aim of communicating the resignation from his position. However, the reasons that he called ‘strictly personal’ leaked-out.

Bishop of Spain resigns from office amid controversy

Bishop Spain resigns

According to reports from the Spanish press, Bishop Xavier Novell fell in love for erotic novel writer, Silvia Caballol, breaking ‘rule’ of the Church, so he took the decision to end his career as a clergyman.

It is known that the bishop of Spain will now live a ‘normal’ life, working the land as an agronomist. His actual partner, Silvia Caballol, is dedicated to the creation of literary works, which she has been doing for years with considerable success and brought her recognition.

Controversial decision? The bishop resigns to live with a erotic novel writer

Bishop Spain goes with erotic novels writer

The news of the resignation of Xavier Novell spread throughout Spain for a few days. The interesting details have surfaced recently, when the reasons why he decided to leave his position as Bishop became known and the scandal was unleashed. The public now knows that he had a relationship with the novel writer Erotic Silvia Caballol.

Few are the bishops or clergy who distance themselves from Catholic life and, in this case, Xavier Novell wrote in his letter: “This decision was made after a period of reflection, discernment, prayer and for strictly personal reasons”. That is the official version, as shown in the letter hed has sent to Pope Francis.

Sin? The bishop of Spain resigns his position, to have ‘another life’ with a writer

Bishop Spain leaves with erotic novels writer and resigns

Xavier Novell has been known to the public because in 2010 he became the youngest bishop in Spain. His ideas and policies made him even more controversial, until now, because although he decided to resign and go live with the writer of erotic novels. He was known to oppose the same-sex marriage and for his ‘very conservative’ views.

Silvia Caballol, apart from being a writer, is 38 years old psychologist, 14 years younger than the bishop of Spain. Previously she was married to an Arab, while she lived in Morocco for several years. Now divorced, she lives in Manresa, a Spanish municipality north of Barcelona. Her knowledge and career encompasses psychology, sexology, yoga techniques, anti-stress and… religion.

Bishop of Spain’s counterpart, Silvia Caballol, has known success with her erotic novels

Writer of erotic novels pairs with Bishop of Spain

Among the erotic novels that Silvia Caballol has written are: ‘Amnesia Trilogy’ and ‘Hell in Gabriel’s Lust’. The editor, a company named Lacre, is dedicated to discovering new talents and defines her as a ‘schematic breaker’ writer, willing to change the conventional for the more controversial, not so attached to ‘normality’.

For his part, the bishop of Spain, Xavier Novell was born in 1969 and is an Agricultural Technical Engineer, with a Bachelor of Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University. Later became a priest, and from that point on, assumed different positions up to the one he currently held and rejected.

Controversial or fair? Bishop of Spain resigns to live a ‘normal life’, next to erotic novel writer

Writer erotic novels bishop couple Spain

“I have fallen in love and I want to do things well”, said the bishop of Spain Xavier Novell according to the magazine ‘Religion Digital’, after acknowledging  his relationship with the writer Silvia Caballol. He then decided to resign from office and extend his letter to Pope Francis.

The Diocese of Solsona on the other side, where Novell is from, refused to confirm this situation, stating: “Therefore, the corroboration, or not, of this information belongs to his strict personal sphere”, alluding to the relationship of the bishop of Spain with Silvia Caballol.

Pastor fights parishioners money: they accuse him of stealing money

Pastor fights parishioners money: They accuse him of stealing money
Photo: Facebook

Fight in Church! A pastor of the Protestant church ended up fighting with his parishioners over money that someone allegedly stole. While he argued that it was they who had taken the tithe money, it was the parishioners who did not remain silent and accused the pastor of being the one who stole the money.

The fight did not stop there and the parishioners pointed out that they had supported the pastor, but they could not continue to allow more lies. Although it is not known who recorded the video or where the problem occurred, it is known that the video has become one of the most viral on social networks because the pastor got his dirty laundry and in what way. Filed Under: Bishop Spain resigns to live with erotic novels writer.

Pastor fights parishioners for money: They try to clarify the situation

Pastor fights parishioners for money: They try to clarify the situation
Photo: Facebook

At the beginning of the video, it is observed how a group of people are arguing over money that is ‘lost’ in a Protestant church. The pastor is the one who begins to clarify the situation that is happening and some parishioners try to understand what is happening with the man.

We are going to record ”, mentions the woman who is recording the tense moment that occurs with the pastor of that congregation. “Lord, I have nothing to do with this ”, the pastor is heard saying, who argues with a man who continues to claim from the pastor what happens with the money lost in the church. Filed Under: Bishop Spain resigns to live with erotic novels writer

Pastor fights parishioners money: “I trusted you”

Pastor fight parishioners money: "I trusted you"
Photo: Facebook

Between dimes and diretes, the group of parishioners and the pastor, try to talk about what is happening, mentioning on several occasions that none of those who are present stole the money that they fight so much. The situation reaches an uncomfortable point that they try to find a woman named María, who would be in charge of clearing up the misunderstanding … but the woman never answers the phone.

You have nothing to say. ”, Replies the woman who records the discussion, while the pastor begins again to insinuate that the group of parishioners are the ones who stole the tithe money, a situation that gets out of control and for this reason, the woman mentions it’s time to talk to someone else. “We are going to wait for María Acevedo,” repeats the woman, while they wait for her to answer the phone but that does not happen. Filed Under: Bishop Spain resigns to live with erotic novels writer

Pastor fights parishioners for money: “I’m going to sue them”

Pastor fights parishioners for money: "I
Photo: Facebook

The fight reaches a point of no return and the woman recording the argument reminds the pastor that she is the only one who has trusted him. It seems that now there is a new culprit and it is that woman, so the pastor begins to argue with her and complain about the money that was lost and other situations that come up, so the other parishioners begin to defend her.

Know what? I put my hands in for you, scoundrel, scoundrel, pig, pig. ”, The woman is heard saying totally furious at the accusations against her, while the others complain to the pastor for stealing the money from the church. Clearly the pastor must defend himself, so he ignores others. Filed Under: Bishop Spain resigns to live with erotic novels writer

Pastor fights parishioners for money: “When did I steal?”

Pastor fight parishioners money: "When did I steal?"
Photo: Facebook

The very angry pastor begins to remind them that he never complained about letting them go during the pandemic, so no one should complain to him about the money. That annoyed his parishioners, who began to yell at him about the situation that is happening and he threatens them saying that if they do not withdraw, he will call the authorities.

You are garbage, when you came to dance in the pandemic they did not care, what are you talking about? What does it matter to you, I am going to file a lawsuit “, replied the pastor of the Protestant Church, totally angry with the situation that is developing in the place, reminding them that if they continue to ‘riot’ in the place of the congregation Sue.

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