Bisogno blames poor event security for the death of his friend at RBD concert

A devastating incident unfolds at RBD's recent gathering, stirring debate on event safety and leaving a beloved friend forever missed.

A close friend of Daniel Bisogno tragically died during an RBD event held on Wednesday night, July 19, at Museo de la Refinería del Parque Bicentenario. On today’s broadcast of Ventaneando, Bisogno took time to talk about the incident and criticize the organizers.

According to the host, his friend was Spanish and 32 years old. Like other group fans, he attended a private event at Parque Bicentenario.

Without going into details, Bisogno indicated that the fatal mishap was caused by poor lighting and a lack of security. According to what was shared with him by people at the place, the victim was stripped of his clothes after falling from a fourth floor.

“He fell four stories, and there was no way to enter because it was a building where everything was turned off, then the friend he was with looked out and did not see what was happening,” he said.

Daniel Bisogno continued his story to the astonishment of Pati Chapoy and his co-stars. Bisogno said that he died in the ambulance transporting them to a hospital without mentioning the time that elapsed while his friend received medical attention.

“The friend who was with him said that he looked like he was coming in breathing and said, ‘Hey, don’t go, stay awake. Stay with us, your family,'” said Bisogno, visibly moved.

A video is circulating on social networks.

A video is circulating on Twitter, allegedly after the accident, where people can be seen outside a building and an ambulance leaving the site in a hurry.

So far, Anahí, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann, and Christian Chávez have not commented on the matter, nor have the group’s official accounts.