Black Friday: Amazon advances offers to avoid “funnel” with Christmas sales

Amazon prefers to advance the Black Friday offers to avoid delays with shipments.

Photo: PATRICK T. FALLON / / AFP / Getty Images

Retail sales have not stopped their course despite all the setbacks in the US economy. Despite inflation, shortages, supply problems, and others, they have somewhat disrupted demand. However, expectations regarding the most anticipated trading day of the year have generated some anxiety among traders.

In a few weeks, we should have the “Black Friday” offers and immediately the offers for Christmas shopping 2021. But it is possible that This year the so-called “Black Friday” sale day may not be the biggest shopping day for Americans, due to problems in the supply chain..

Although we must emphasize that In the last month, statistics indicate that consumption has improved in the United States. Retail sales have increased by 7 tenths, compared to what was expected of two tenths.

But “Black Friday” and Christmas are coming, and although consumer expectations are positive, it is clear that due to failures in the supply chain there can be many problems. That is why Amazon advances its Black Friday offers, from now on.

“Deals worthy of Black Friday It is the name that he has given to the advanced event, the great one of online sales that already, in the month of October, begins promotions instead of launching them on November 29, after Thanksgiving as it usually is. The most popular brands advance their offers, even those that are for “limited time” and make a flash sale.

Amazon, as well as other retailers, try to avoid the “funnel” of two important consumption dates for Americans: “Black Friday” and Christmas. There is fear that if the problems caused by shortages, lack of employees and shipping failures are combined in these close events, it could be chaos.

Many consumers have already started Christmas shopping, precisely because of the fear that in a few weeks the shelves will be empty.

One of the most listened to recommendations is to buy the famous “gift cards”, but you should take into account that if you receive it at Christmas already for the date you probably have to wait until 2022 to buy the gift you want.

Leading Online Retailer Wants to Stagger Sales, and not that everything accumulates in the same month, but for this you also need to get more employees. So Amazon has just announced that it will hire 150,000 temporary employees in the United States, with an average starting salary of $ 18 an hour.

Among the beneficiaries in the retail market at this time, Amazon stands out, a benefit that has even benefited in the stock market. At least in recent sessions it has appreciated by up to 5% in the stock market.

During the pandemic, Amazon was one of the great beneficiaries, to the point that it had to hire 500,000 people during 2020. At the end of that year the statistics indicated a total of 1.3 million employees in the world.