Black SUV crashed into MTA bus in the West Farms section of The Bronx, injuring at least 10 people

Bronx neighborhood rattled by fiery SUV-bus collision; 10 injured. Eyewitness accounts reveal dramatic, heart-wrenching scene.

The chaotic incident happened on East 180th Street near Mohegan Avenue around 7:00 PM. A local security camera captured the horrifying moment when the SUV rammed into the bus, causing the vehicle’s engine to burst into flames.

After the accident, remnants of broken glass were scattered around East 180th Street. The street, which was temporarily closed due to the incident, was later reopened. The damaged bus and SUV were eventually towed away from the scene.

The SUV driver, who lives in the neighborhood and is known to frequently transport elderly people, was one of the victims. It’s currently unclear whether he was undergoing a medical episode during the crash.

Eyewitness accounts of the terrifying incident paint a vivid picture. “He must have been going like 80, 95 mph. He kept saying he would hit the bus, hit the bus. Bam, he hit the back of that bus and spun his whole car around and then hit another black car coming this way,” described Marc Davis.

At the time of the crash, there were no passengers in the SUV, according to CBS New York.

“His mother arrived at the scene of the accident and said that her son was suffering from seizures,” said one witness, speaking about the SUV driver. But it remains uncertain whether this medical condition played a role in the incident.

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The New York Fire Department indicated that medical attention was provided to three individuals at the scene. Seven others were taken to local hospitals for further treatment.

“When I saw his face on the ground, I thought, damn, I know the person. But his brother got out. It was heartbreaking for me to see his mother like that, almost passing out and everything,” neighbor Jeremi Smith commented emotionally.

The scene of the accident was described as incredibly terrifying by onlookers. “It was a big fire. We thought it was going to explode in the middle of the street,” recounted Ali Nasser.

The current condition of all the victims, including the driver of the SUV, remains undisclosed.

In other news, a wheelchair-bound grandmother was tragically killed while crossing a Brooklyn street. A grim toll for the first half of 2023 shows that road crashes in New York have claimed 112 lives, with the highest number of casualties in Queens. Furthermore, a shocking incident in Florida saw a three-year-old boy fatally run over his seven-year-old brother in a golf cart accident.