Blackberry comes to an end after 30 years in the cell phone industry

It was 30 years of history that the company Blackberry dedicated to the manufacture of equipment cell phone which dominated the market for at least 10 years by innovating with their physical keyboards that even gave a certain social “status” to their users, but this story sadly ends today, Tuesday, January 04.

Those who are considered creators of the first Smartphone have announced that the services that the devices with their operating system will no longer be available and for the existing ones will stop working.

Said he announced that today it is finally fulfilled, we made it known to you promptly in AmericanPost.News and that is that the Canadian company would have already “said goodbye” to its Blackberry Os operating system.

Goodbye Blackberry

In the statement released through its official website, Blackberry explains that “From this date the devices that run these services and software through operators or Wi-Fi connections will stop working reliably, including data, calls, messages text, and emergency calls.”

Indeed, the statement released since September 2020 explained that the decision that was made is due to a change in the orientation of the company, which now positions itself as a company that offers intelligent security software.

“We have decided to extend the cessation of our services until January 4, 2022 as an expression of appreciation to our partners and loyal customers,” the company wrote in 2020.

What was the failure of Blackberry?

We cannot forget that Blackberry really revolutionized the cell phone industry 10 years ago and is that any young person or adult wanted to have one, it was truly a team that provided status but also facilitated work.

Upon the arrival of some of its models to the also extinct Nextel, the fact of having one of its equipment for Mexicans caused even more fury, so its goodbye is somewhat nostalgic for many users and former users of their phones.

It is understood that one of his big mistakes and why he would have failed was the “fight” that he tried to wage with Apple and compete with Steve Jobs’ iPhone since when he launched the “Storm” as a competitor he fell far behind by being A slow and complex equipment to use, so the public was captivated with the equipment of the company from the block and stopped purchasing their products.