BlackBerry OS says goodbye and will stop working in less than a week

The year 2022 will begin with the first death of a operating system, BlackBerry OS it will be discarded in the first days of January permanently.

Goodbyes are complicated, even when we talk about a operating system whose popularity was practically nil. Today is the time to say goodbye to BlackBerry OS and, most likely, many this platform does not sound like anything or even think that it is better to say goodbye forever.

BlackBerry OS will be absent for a week

A few more years ago than I would like to assume, owning a BlackBerry meant having a next-gen device with a finite but impressive amount of functions and features. Android was still a simple idea and iOS the same.

The world was at the feet of BlackBerry and this could have meant that the company did not know how to react to the revolution that was going to witness the technological landscape. Android burst in like a breath of fresh air and iOS did the same, both operating systems came to dethrone BlackBerry and they succeeded.

The company did not give up and continued trying to be relevant in a sector that was beginning to grow. BlackBerry OS ended up not being the priority operating system of its devices and ended up making the leap to Android, but even with those and with the advantage of a physical keyboard; users continued to prefer to bet on other manufacturers.

Now, even in the year 2021 it has been announced that the BlackBerry OS will cease to exist. This operating system closes its doors and the devices that have it will no longer be compatible, although the worst thing is that according to BlackBerry it is most likely that they will start to work incorrectly.

And it is that, by losing support completely, the possibility of making calls, SMS or even emergency calls will also be eliminated. This loss of support will also affect the WiFi, so if you still have information on any of these devices, it would be best to transfer it as soon as possible.

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