Blackout unleashed memes, the Yucatan peninsula is left without “light”

Blackout unleashed the memes. In AmericanPost.News We tell you what happened. Gustavo almost crashed when the traffic light stopped working, he got angry but he had no idea what was happening, when he arrived at his work around 8:50 in the morning he knew that there was no electricity.

At another point Lucía “facebooqueaba” when suddenly the “Face” began to fail so she checked her cell phone and noticed that she had no signal, checked at home and there was no light.

Blackout unleashed the memes

Memes for the blackout of the Yucatan Peninsula. Memes for the power outage. The blackout generated several memes and claims.

The problem, there was no electricity in the Yucatan Peninsula and users could not even communicate with their relatives because there were also problems with the telephone service.

After almost an hour without “light” the blackout unleashed the memes, and it is proven again that Mexicans take the funny side out of misfortunes.

Memes for the power outage. The blackout generated several memes and claims.

And it is that without a doubt there was chaos, the traffic lights did not work, there was no signal, the WhatsApp were not sent, nor the SMS went out, the internet was gone and nobody could communicate. But the memes were not lacking.

Some comments were:

  • “They already got confused with the cables, they cut them all”
  • “Mty without water and the peninsula without light, it is not a good day to be Mexican”
  • “ There is a blackout in the Yucatan peninsula. I imagine a pasture burned in Tamaulipas”

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What caused the blackout in the Yucatan Peninsula?

The blackout generated several memes and claims. Memes for the power outage.

according to some text messages that users sent to the CFEit was an overload, however, the official statement said that the power supply was interrupted at 8:32 on June 22.

Memes for the power outage.

At that time, users began making reports calls informing them that power could return in 8 to 12 hours, however, many were able to recover it in about an hour; moment when the blackout unleashes the memes, which went viral.

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